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Speed ​​windmill | stimulus | play equipment

Speed ​​windmill | stimulus | play equipment
  • Speed ​​windmill | stimulus | play equipment
  • Speed ​​windmill | stimulus | play equipment
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Speed ​​windmill is the latest creative and with high-tech to build large-scale recreational facilities stretching across the sky like a big windmill, visitors sitting
On ' windmill blade ', columns hold up slowly, then the big arm pros revolution, cockpit corbel rapid reverse rotation, the centrifugal force spins the cockpit superimposed combination of three movements, windmills 360 degrees at 18 meters altitude and beautiful wild dance, free roll, twist, turn, swing, roll, blue sky and white clouds intertwined earth, this time in addition to yelling Shiyao can do it? when night comes, when the windmills are in each lamp shine colorful story, visitors with better vision, exploring the colorful life trajectory, the interpretation of the infinite mystery of life .
Speed ​​windmill equipment outstanding innovative design, in line with modern psychological and stimulate demand entertainment

Movement height : 17.5m, rated Crew: 30 people, capacity : 210KW area : 22m * 19m

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