Mesh chair Office chair -118 yuan / Zhang

Mesh chair Office chair -118 yuan / Zhang

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Shenzhen HQ office furniture factory -http:. //www.jiaju96 Com is a professional design, production and sales of office furniture business.
Since the creation of the factory, after all the staff for their hard work, the spirit of excellence, innovation, community service work ethic, commitment to product innovation -oriented, to provide users with " high-quality product quality, first-class service ', constantly digging the new office stubborn new situation. our factory is located in Bao'an District Guanlan Town, Shenzhen, Xian industrial zone housing, environmental advantages, convenient transportation. in order to better matching products originally, the company introduced advanced equipment and technology, with more than experience rich, skilled technical personnel, and outstanding workers, professional design and production of all kinds, high-end office furniture! I plant products of five-year warranty, three-year warranty system and has won the praise of many customers, we provide a comprehensive consulting services, free professional installation and maintenance. superb technology, first-class service, excellent products ' that we have been pursuing the goal.