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Hydra picks

Hydra picks
  • Hydra picks
  • Hydra picks
  • Hydra picks
  • Hydra picks
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Shandong Liaocheng picks Ltd. specializes in producing Hydra cutter, spot wholesale, quality assurance Tel: 13780703736

Hydra cutter design and manufacture of shearer drum can be improved coal loading effect, reducing the dust content face, reduce energy consumption. Traction speed can be increased according to the user's requirements, improve lump coal rate without using a block of coal plates, to meet the user's requirements, but also can reduce costs, achieve high yield and efficient mine roller not only cost-effective, and more importantly, to provide health and safety protection for underground coal miners Hydra picks |.. Hydra cutter | Hyde Pull coal cutter | Hydra cutter | Hydra wet cutter | Hydra dry cutter | wet knife-shaped cutter | dry type knife cutter | Hydra wet knife cutter | Hydra dry type knife cut Tooth | no spark Hydra cutter | no spark Hydra cutter knife | Hydra columnar knife cutter | Hydra flake knife cutter | Hydra massive knife cutter | Hydra round | knife type cutter | flat cutter | Hydra nozzle cutter knife | knife-shaped cutter | lugs | flat cutter | 13 # knife-shaped cutter | 23 # knife-shaped cutter | 55 # knife-shaped cutter | Mining Coal with a knife-shaped cutter, knife-shaped cutter drum Hadera features:
1, Hadera knife-shaped cutter drum installed coal effect;
2, can increase the rate of lump coal;
3; good spray dust effect; suppressing the risk of friction sparks; prolong cutter life;
4; reduce cutting resistance; reduce power consumption;
5; tooth Block; cutter; nozzle; wearable pieces imported from abroad; knife-shaped cutter drum consumes only picks; do not consume sets of teeth; tooth Block; reducing costs; improving the cost-effective;
6; strong rectangular teeth seat welded to the end plate; blade inside; the blade edge is flush; and a wear plate; wear block protection; higher strength than the ho-shaped drum; can be cut partings and through fault;
7; cutter and nozzles can be quickly replaced; reduce maintenance time;
8; knife-shaped cutter cutting depth is greater than the ho-shaped cutter; coal cutting good effect; improves traction speed;
9, on the shearer arm and the whole play a protective role;
10, Hadera knife-shaped cutter drum roll can also be set by changing the mounting arrangement picks, become a powerful rock-breaking roller drum and cutting coal, increased the use of the function.
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