Resistance Skate SKS08-66-27-4t SKS fast feed face milling cutter | CNC tool manufacturer

Resistance Skate SKS08-66-27-4t SKS fast feed face milling cutter | CNC tool manufacturer

Product description:

Resistance Skate --12 years of professional research and development in cutting tools; production; build China's first brand of professional cutting tools!
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Package of cutting tool solutions expert!
We have industry research and development, production and core technology, access to national patents certification.
Comprehensive; multi-channel branding; high cost of cutting tool products; 100 percent of the profit system; professional and efficient technical track team - Skate resistant cutting tool; your preferred brand!

Resistance Skate NC Tool Co. (NEXTCUT NC TOOL SYSTEM) is a research and development; manufacturing; market sales of cutting tools of professional manufacturers; has industry research and development; production core technology; access to national certification number of practical technology patents !
Since 1999 the company has been committed 'CNC tools, cutting tools' promotion and sales, and in 2007 set up production plants, and the creation of the company independent brand 'resistance Carter NEXTCUT'.
The company has advanced five-axis CNC machining; German Walter WALTER grinder; exquisite technology and a strong research and development team; and the introduction of foreign advanced detection equipment; uphold the most serious manufacturing concepts and attitudes; committed to creating a first-class CNC tool brand to professional skills;! dedicated service won between customers!
Main business: milling cutter, milling clamping tool, drilling tools, tungsten steel cutting tools, milling inserts, cutting tools, including a number of patented products:... With a sump water drilling, fine boring tool, O-ring knife / O command knife, slope knife.. according to customer needs to provide product processing solutions, R & D, design, production system to do non-standard cutting tools, tungsten steel non-standard tools, and provide OEM service, increase productivity and processing accuracy; conventional tools can not solve problems.
Our sales and technical team; can provide you with the overall cutting tool solutions help you to provide CNC tool and technology support;! Include select tool; blades and accessories; product design process; machining tool configuration; processing program debugging and on-site service!
Use my products to create value for you 'is my company continue to implement the concept for our customers to provide better, more cost-effective CNC tool is our goal national toll-free hotline:!! 4000805006, Enterprise QQ: 4000805006, Order Hotline: 0769 -8,564,000,580,640,006

Independent products: CNC tool cutting tool cutter bar cutter knife and the knife lever throw-cutter bar cutter bar milling cutter drill rod R5 R6 cutter bar cutter bar round nose cutter bar three-blade cutter bar Fast forward to the end mill cutter bar Hitachi Mitsubishi rod cutter bar spherical cutter bar / ball ball thick cutter bar Arbor ball fine cutter bar cutter / cutter fast-forward to the cutter three-blade cutter flat cutter side cutter T-groove cutter rough boring knife / cutter rough boring tool fine boring / fine boring tool fixed rough boring tool / Stationary rough boring tool fixed fine boring knife / fixed fine boring knife throw- rough boring tool / throw-rough boring tool boring knife non-standard / non-standard boring tool shank BT corn milling ER strong handle handle handle handle high speed SK shank Weldon shank Morse Shank type Shank hydraulic oil Road handle chamfering 45 ° 45 ° positioned inside and outside chamfering chamfering chamfering tool pull down countersunk head non-standard cutter blade knife / blade knife tablets Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi blade blade blade Daijie ROSS blade cutter blade piece car collet chuck ER collet ER collet Powerful Powerful Collet chuck OZ Collet OZ Collet chuck SK precision collet extension rod screws / MZK screws / DIN69872 pull SNAIL mother / ER nut / OZ-Nut Nut / ER nut / OZ type nut lock knife edge finder points in the bar on the knife Z axis setter double chamfer Shen Shen head cutter head cutter knife guide post countersunk head screws countersunk head knife discarded type screw Shen head cutter knife pull down countersunk head non-standard tools Turning tools inside diameter of the outer diameter of turning tools, thread car knife groove, cutting edge style knife welding abandon Turning tools Turning tools tungsten whole ball head cutter knife tungsten steel tungsten steel flat alloy cutter tungsten steel cutter 55 degrees 65 degrees tungsten steel tungsten steel tungsten steel tungsten steel flat elongated tungsten steel coated cutter
Ball coated tungsten steel cutter tungsten steel coated side angle cutter tungsten steel drill bit tungsten steel welding edge milling cutter white steel milling cutter ultrafine particles of tungsten steel tungsten steel cutting tools O-ring knife ring knife O O so Waterproof ring knife Fast drill water drill ring knife SP / WC water drilling SP / WC fast drilling speed drill bits throw-speed drill shallow holes drilled oblique slant piece special knife box cutter milling cutter shell-shaped cutter cutter accessories monolithic milling cutter welding type milling cutter blade welding blade type milling cutter coarse roughing tool Tool Hole Cutter
Owned national utility model patent certificate item six:
A modular multi-functional boring tool
2. ribbon cutting in front of the blade twist of the knife clamping type slope
3. spiral blade drill mill
4. A throw-away fast drill
A throw-away screw hole nesting take control
6. High and low voltage dual jet drill

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1. Product flow capacity, before deciding to buy the product, please contact the company to understand stock status. Whilst stock will promptly notify you choose a refund or other goods, have been free to delay the emergency.
2. Welcomes the bid premise doubt, let us agree on knowledge of the product itself or other matters have caused unnecessary trouble-free.
3. Buyer received the goods, there is no problem under the acceptance of goods, as soon as confirmation of receipt within 1-2 days, if there are questions, please contact, did not confirm nor primary contact with the company in the first three days of receipt of goods will be considered a default. Its replacement parts after the claim or complaint the product in question, will not be accepted, the buyer knows!
4. All our products are before the issue has been rigorously tested, absolute guarantee of product appearance and packaging qualified Buyers get the goods please face to face with the shipping company staff acceptance of the product, if it is damaged, the staff issue 'items damaged proof ', and then return the goods by the shipping company, I Division is responsible for replacement. If you sign for damaged goods after the grounds of replacement, return, will not be accepted, thank you!
5. Guangdong Province to support cash on delivery, other areas recommended 'Alipay', you can also transfer the money to the account, we shall arrive within 24 hours of delivery.
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