Scarlett RPMT1204MO | Mitsubishi R6 polyvalent low circular blade

Scarlett RPMT1204MO | Mitsubishi R6 polyvalent low circular blade

Product description:

Scarlett RPMT1204MO| Mitsubishi R6 polyvalent low circular blade

Scarlett NC tool co, Dongguan city, world famous brand original genuine United States Kennametal Khanna die blades.

Scarlett wholesale Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI NEXTCUT-resistant blades, Hitachi HITACHI blades wholesale, wholesale Sandvik SANDVIK blade, wholesale Kenner Kennametal blade, wholesale Kenner Kennametal die blades.

Mold blade promotions Khanna:
1. each blade cutter bar corresponding to each buy 100 get 1, 200 free 2 and so on.
2. this promotion time: August 1, 2013-September 20, 2013.
3. Scarlett NC tool co, Dongguan city for this promotion has the final power of interpretation.

Model: R0.8/APMT1135PDER KC725M
R0.8/ APMT1135PDER KC522M
R0.8/ APMT1604PDER KC725M
R 6 / RPMT1204MO KC725M
R 6 / RPMT1204MO KCPK30
R 5 / RPMW1003MO KC725M
R 5 / RPMT1003MO KC522M
R 5 / RPMW1003MO KCPK30
R 8 / RDMT1604M0 KCPK30
Thickening/r 5 RCKT10T3M0 KC725M
R 6 / RCKT1204MO KCPK30
Product model with circulation more than blades, knife-pass loading

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Scarlett-12 professional resistance to cutting research and development, production, create the first brand of specialized cutting tools!
Solution: a group of senior tools engineer, one-on-one professional customer service staff, for you to solve technical problems encountered in the processing.
Industry research and development, production technology, access to national patent certification.
Advanced Germany equipment and Switzerland precision testing instruments, 100% inspection system, to achieve exports Germany testing standards.
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