Latex ink sheet

Latex ink sheet

Product description:

This product has passed SGS testing
Scope: latex film series
Product examples : fitness equipment (tension zone), latex products, high elastic tension belt.
Characteristics, features: strong adhesion, can reach fingernail scratch can not afford, can not afford to twist, stick tape can not afford the best results.
Screen printing, good hiding power, bright color, good elasticity.

Instruction manual:
Stencil : 150-350 mesh screen printing
Squeegee: 65-85 degrees is recommended polyurethane squeegee
Drying: Natural evaporation drying ( dry 20 minutes, hard work more than 24 hours ) or below 100 ℃ hot air drying
Solvent selection : 719 quick-drying water; 718 in the dry water; 783 slow dry water; due to the printing environment temperature; ventilation and printing pattern appropriate selection of different sizes
Stencil Cleaning: use of organic solvent cleaning (such as: wash water network )

Packaging: 1 kg loading; 5 kg loading; 20 kg loading

Storage conditions: 5 ℃ -25 ℃ conditions of a year, to avoid glare, anti- exposure to acids, alkalis .