Bypass integrated water processor, integrated water processor factory direct bypass

Bypass integrated water processor, integrated water processor factory direct bypass

Product description:

Sichuan, Shaanxi side next to the water processor circulating water flow processor; beside Jiangsu circulating water flow processor; beside Fujian circulating water flow processor; beside Jiangxi circulating water flow processor; beside Hunan circulating water flow processor; beside Hubei circulating water flow processor; beside Liaoning circulating water flow processor; beside Jilin circulating water flow processor; beside Henan circulating water flow processor

Shanxi circulating water next to the water processor sterilization works

SCLL series water processor for microorganisms (such as bacteria and algae) breeding of purification of water quality, the principle that water flow SCLL type water processor, the ecological environment of bacteria and algae in the water changes, the living conditions of loss and death. Specific performance three aspects:

Any kind of living organism has its specific biological field. Charge distribution in vivo movement, influenced by changes in the electric field in vitro environment, thus affecting the body's life activities. Microorganism on Earth generally only adapt and survive in the Earth electric field strength (130v / m) surface; and change the electric field strength; may alter or affect the bacteria (E.Coi) physiological metabolism, such as gene expression programs, activity, so that the survival of abnormal bacteria, which is the cause of bacterial death one.

There are many cell membrane channels. Through these channels, cell contact with its surroundings. The channel is formed by a single molecule or molecular complex composition, allowing ions to pass through. Adjusting affect the function of ion channels in cell life and cell outer field destroys the ion channels on the cell membrane, changing the internal current mediate cell function, thus affecting the bacteria's life. bacterial liquid flows through a strong electric field, causing the instantaneous change in the current through the liquid on the conductive path cells are lethal electronic shock of high-speed movement to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Field water treatment process; DO get activated; produce O 2- , `OH, H 2O2 as well as 1O2 And other reactive oxygen species (O 2- Superoxide anion radical; `OH radicals is; H 2O2 When hydrogen peroxide.1O2 When the singlet oxygen). ROS collective microorganisms can produce a series of deleterious effects of aging is caused by the organism main reason .O 2- Can damage important biological molecules, causing microbes body injury; O 2- Gift machine microbial organism membrane peroxidation and accelerated aging.

Anticorrosive works

ROS generation oxide film on the new wall.

Microbiologically influenced corrosion, corrosion is suppressed silence.

Scaling, cleaning works

After SCLL water processors; reduce the degree of polymerization of water molecules; structural deformation; generating a series of minor changes in the physical and chemical properties of elasticity; such as: water dipole moment increases, the polarity increases, thereby increasing the water capacity of the water and and the ability to dissolve dirt.

Water contains salt ions such as Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ By the gravitational field, the arrangement is changed, it is difficult to accumulate the wall tends to prevent fouling class generation. Specific energy field changes CaCO 3 Crystallization process, suppressing generation of calcite, provide energy generating text crystallization.

Suspended particles and colloids in water after treatment the surface Zeta potential changes destabilization tends flocculation precipitation. The precipitate was washed to remove water or sewerage, water purification.

The treated water reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen mixed crystallization process, accelerate colloidal stability for the system has been scaling active oxygen will destroy scale electron binding force between molecules, changing the crystal structure, the hard old dirt becomes loose soft dirt, so fouling gradually falling off, and even pieces, debris falling, reaching descaling

Product Introduction

SCLL-F, G series circulating water next to the water processor is based on the original fully pipelined processors developed out of the water processor uses the principle of high frequency oscillating electric field, and automatically adjust the signal processing based on water quality, and only use next to the stream processing successful development of this technology in the international leading level product is suitable for circulating water system disinfection, algae, descaling treatment and removal of suspended solids.


• Only 1-3% sidestream treatment system water flow, installation easier. • Powerful pulsed electric field to kill Legionella.

• No chemicals, no secondary pollution, green. • rust dirt to remove the yellow water.

• reduce turbidity. • visual effects visible.


• kill • kill Legionella bacteria in water

• suppress algae • waterproof scale, descaling

• Anti-corrosion pipeline equipment • remove suspended solids


• Central air-conditioning cooling, cooling water systems • Cooling water circulation systems

• Industrial cooling water circulation system • Various heat exchange system and cooling tower systems

Implementation of standards

Electronic water processor technical conditions HG / T3133-1998

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