Phos dosing devices, silicon-phosphorus crystal scale inhibitor Zhengzhou IndyMac cheap

Phos dosing devices, silicon-phosphorus crystal scale inhibitor Zhengzhou IndyMac cheap

Product description:

Owned by Regent dosing device; phos dosing device; stainless steel silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent cans; Henan owned by Regent; Zhengzhou owned by Regent; Jiaozuo Kaifeng owned by Regent owned by Regent Taiyuan, Shanxi owned by Regent owned by Regent Xi'an owned by Regent owned by Regent Shaanxi, Hebei Shijiazhuang owned by Regent owned by Regent; Wuhan owned by Regent; Hubei owned by Regent silicon-phosphorus crystal owned by Regent Guizhou Guiyang owned by Regent silicon-phosphorus crystal silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent Hunan Changsha phos owned by Regent owned by Regent Lanzhou, Gansu, Ningxia owned by Regent silicon-phosphorus crystal owned by Regent Xinjiang Yinchuan silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent Qinghai silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent Xining to Lhasa in Tibet silicon phosphorus crystal owned by Regent owned Korea crystalline silicon phosphorus crystal Dimei Gong Secretary specializing in the production of silicon-phosphorus crystal owned by Regent water processor dosing device owned by Regent tank!

Phos Overview

Owned by Regent / silicon-phosphorus crystal by polymerization of phosphate and silicate from high temperature, it is a colorless, odorless spherical solid inhibitors.

It can reduce the hardness of water; effectively prevent calcium; magnesium scale formation; and shaped in steel and copper and other metal tube

A protective film to prevent corrosion, maximizing the life of pipes.

I. owned by Regent / phos technical indicators

Appearance: colorless transparent spherical solid

Spherical diameter: 17mm

PH: 7 ± 0.5

Weight: 10g

Second, owned by Regent / phos principle

Silicon-phosphorus crystal / owned by Regent in the water to prevent CaCO3 crystal growth and cohesion, and the role of iron ions from the closure of the iron hydroxide from the dispersion. Silicate and polyphosphate, it enables the inner surface of the pipe to form a protective film , cut off oxygen to prevent metal corrosion. Long-term use may also clear the system any original iron oxide scale, but its carbonate surface adhesion can also be off.

Third, owned by Regent / silicon-phosphorus crystal applicable range

For a variety of water treatment occasions, in addition to drinking water treatment agent, but also widely used in central air conditioning cooling water, hot water heat exchangers, ice machines, coffee machines, humidifiers, dishwashers, washing machines, solar water heaters, Household water, pure water treatment equipment reverse osmosis membrane of large scale and corrosion inhibition.

Fourth, the silicon-phosphorus crystal / owned by Regent amount

Just 2-5 grams per ton of water, you can get the desired results.

Five, owned application Regent / silicon-phosphorus crystal water of life

Water is an irreplaceable natural resources - equipment system in blood, it absorbs oxygen in the air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide dissolved in the soil calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in the water of these substances ultimately determines the properties of water knot. dirt is due to changes in calcium salt, when exposed to heat water combination bicarbonate is destroyed, the gas escape, calcium and magnesium carbonate to generate crystalline precipitate formed from the impact of heat transfer efficiency of heat transfer equipment, increased operating costs, leading to serious destruction of equipment;. wall fouling reduces the water flow, but also caused damage to the water system of the dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water is caused by corrosion of determinants, so as the dissolved oxygen concentration increase the corrosion rate is also increased. In addition, total dissolved solids (TDS), PH value, temperature, metal, bacteria and other changes, but also the cause of corrosion.

Living Water System - Rust inhibitors prevent the inner tube rust, eliminate rust and corrosion caused by leaks and dirt clogging pipes, maximizing the use of the pipeline life, Header Pipe out of the 'red water, black, brown water' moment hazards This phenomenon is due to a healthy water supply pipes and equipment caused by corrosion, rust visible tumors appear red water in the pipe is formed, which is a dangerous corrosion of iron bacteria is a product of the process, it hinders the bactericidal action of chlorine, protection of the dissolved iron under the growth of microorganisms. When faced with changes in pipeline pressure and flow rate, microbial instantly fleeing into the water, become a big risk.

effect : Adding inner tube trace phos, you can prevent corrosion and scale formation, prevent water calcium, magnesium, iron and other metal ions to form insoluble salts adhere occurred in pipes internal corrosion, fouling, but also has been formed insoluble salt is converted to soluble salts, anti-rust performance is extremely excellent so-called fouling, is of a cation (+) of the material is close to having an anionic (-) of the wall, in charge of gravitation (positive load attraction) combination of each other That form strong crystals by ion bound to the wall.

Sixth, the silicon-phosphorus crystal water processor use and application conditions:


It will be equipped with silicon-phosphorus crystal water processor series with the supply line; that is to make silicon-phosphorus crystal water processor when water flows through the right amount of water soluble; depending on the use of water once every 6-12 months supplemented Pharmacy (factory The minimum dosage is 40 kg, a maximum dosage of 120 kg).

1, the raw water carbonate hardness (360ppm.

2, the water temperature should not be prolonged after treatment than 100 ℃.

3, can not prevent corrosion caused by the electrochemical.

Seven, silicon-phosphorus crystal water processor uses

Apartments, hospitals, schools, baths, hotels, residential, geothermal heating and air-conditioning, central air conditioning and other systems of heat exchange system. Zhengzhou IndyMac factory direct automatic softener | E-cleaning device | cyclone desander | Full integrated water processor |​​ automatic backwash filter | Decontamination | RF electronic water processor |​​ owned by Regent silicon-phosphorus crystal water Processors | constant pressure water apparatus | expansion tank | bladder floor expansion tank | conversion water supply equipment | stainless steel tanks | manifold professional manufacturer Zhengzhou IndyMac; brand sales professionals; quality assurance!

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