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US Fleck soft water equipment | automatic water softener

US Fleck soft water equipment | automatic water softener
  • US Fleck soft water equipment | automatic water softener
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Automatic softener, automatic boiler water softening equipment, air conditioning, water softening equipment, softened water washing equipment, Henan water softening equipment, sodium ion exchange, automatic sodium ion exchange, softener will soften every run and regeneration a step to achieve automatic control, and the use of time, flow or other sensors, etc. to start regeneration basic structure of automatic water softener is:. FLECK or Autotrol multiple control valve, resin tank (including 001 * 7 resin), salt boxes and piping system features: Water softening process automation: process control devices via the device to achieve ion exchange and resin regeneration process automation efficiency: water softener designed, effective work of the resin exchange capacity into full play provincial workers: without staff operate, easy to install non-toxic: lead-free brass or plastic body save water: more than 98% of water saving: Due to siphon principle, renewable without salt pump easy adjustment: You can adjust as needed regeneration Cycle and Time Tank corrosion: tank made of stainless steel, glass, steel, steel lined with plastic material, to avoid resin contamination.
Technical features automatic softener :
1, a new automatic control
Micro-processor controlled automatic water supply equipment, backwash, salt absorption, regeneration, washing process positive.
You can achieve unattended.
2, continuous and stable supply
It can be timed, constant flow automatic regeneration, to ensure production of high quality demineralized water.
3, reasonable and compact structure
Exchange water softener tanks and integrated control valve, saving installation space, to further improve the operational reliability.
4, multi-brine system
Automatically dissolved salts, automatic absorption of salt, salt fluid level is automatically adjusted to ensure reliable automatic regeneration.
5, uniform water distribution system
It provides a uniform flow of water inside the tank; ensuring efficient use of resin; prevent resin bleed
6, superior corrosion resistance
Avoid harsh environmental regeneration agents and corrosion of the equipment
7, low energy consumption
From water (water production by 2%, salt consumption (100 g / mmol; power consumption 10W ~ 40W; Power consumption
Equivalent to 1% of the general softening equipment
8, flexible design selection
Optional single tank, multi-tank systems, time, traffic control; one with a prepared, alternating regeneration operation mode.
Automatic water softener works: the hardness of water mainly by which cations: calcium (Ca2 +), magnesium (Mg2 +) ions constituting When containing hardness of raw water through the exchanger resin layer, water calcium and magnesium ions are adsorbed resins. , while the release of sodium ions, water outflow in such switches is to remove the softened water hardness ions, when the resin adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions reach a certain saturation, increasing the hardness of the water, then the water softener will follow the book The program automatically regenerated resin fails to work, the use of higher concentrations of sodium chloride solution (saline) by the resin, so that the failure of the resin to restore the resin to the sodium form.
The main feature of automatic water softener:
1, high degree of automation, stable water conditions, long service life. Full automatic, just regular salt, without human intervention.
2, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low operating costs. Since the water softener overall design is reasonable, so that the resin exchange capacity into full play, the device itself the energy consumption index was significantly lower than the general softening equipment, automatic control equipment not require full-time operators, which gave users bring a lot of convenience, and produce good economic returns.
3, compact structure, small footprint, no special equipment base, placed on a flat concrete floor can be.
4, easy to use, installation, commissioning, operation is simple, stable performance control components, can relieve the user's worries.
5, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, lead-free brass control valve, lined with non-toxic PE plastic cans exchange, PE plastic material salt boxes, which are sufficient to ensure that corrosion of the apparatus, anti-pollution, non-toxic, odorless harmless excellent performance.

Technical Parameters:
1, Power: 220V 50Hz; Power: ≤50W
2, raw water hardness: (8mmol / L; Water hardness: (0.03mmol / L
3, a resin: Sodium strongly acidic ion exchange resin (001 * 7)
4, working pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.4Mpa;
5, the working temperature: 2 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
6, regeneration salt consumption: (100g / mol
7, recycled water consumption: (production of water 1 to 2%

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