Automatic pressure filter, self cleaning filters, brush filter

Automatic pressure filter, self cleaning filters, brush filter

Product description:

Automatic pressure filter | Self cleaning filters | Automatic brush filter, is a fully automatic control for the electric brush filter, is to introduce my company Israel Amiad advanced filtering technology and experience, based on the principles of fluid mechanics, combined with the various system requirements for water quality and development of electromechanical integration and efficient water filtration equipment. Equipment running, liquid containing solid impurities through the inlet into the pressure filter internal filter, as the filtering process continues, solid impurities in the liquid trapped in the filter surface, when impurities accumulate to a certain amount, may lead to higher filter pressure difference on both sides, resistance increases filter efficiency decreases. When the filters on both sides of the differential pressure reaches the set value, the differential pressure controller provides a signal to the control cabinet, control cabinet issued the directive provide for electric valves and reducer, discharge electric valve is opened automatically, reducer drive stainless steel brushes to rotate, impurities in filters removed from the outfall systems. Discharge after a period of time, electric valve automatic closing valves, slow down

Machine stops. When the filter element on both sides of the differential pressure reaches the set value, the repeat, achieve the purpose of filtering impurities. Equipment according to the installation form, divided into vertical-ZQL and y--ZQY two basic forms.

Automatic pressure filter-technical features

1. pressure filter has the pressure, time and manual triple control capability, a high degree of automation, stable and safe operation. According to different sources and filter backwash pressure or time setting precision flexible adjustment value.

2. differential pressure filter stainless steel strainers; Strength; Corrosion resistance; High precision; High filtration accuracy

Up to 300 microns. Filters can completely recover the initial state, and lifetime does not need replacement.

3. differential pressure when the filter backwash water can continue to run normally.

4. pressure filter compact and reasonable structure design, covering an area of small, flexible and convenient installation. Wide field of applications, applicable to different water quality and water requirements.

Automatic pressure filter - Range of application

1. ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, softening, Ion-Exchange pretreatment.

2. for oilfield injection water filtration, water reuse and wastewater filtration.

3. for municipal services, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgical industry circulating water filtration.

4. used for swimming pools, landscape water, green space spraying, agriculture irrigation and other water purification and reuse.

Automatic pressure filter - Technical parameters

Input power: 220/AC or 380V/AC, 50Hz power 0.37-1.1kw

Protection rating IP33 (indoor) IP55 (outdoor)

Back wash time: 30-60 seconds

Back wash water consumption: ≤ water filter 1~2‰

Design pressure: 1.0MPa or 1.6MPa

Operating temperature: 0~75℃

Automatic pressure filter - Ordering instructions

1: this device must bypass installation, ease of repair and maintenance.

2: ordering must be indicated when entering and leaving the diameter, water treatment equipment, suction pressure, temperature and other parameters.

3: when the inlet pressure is less than 0.2Mpa such as equipment, control should be non-customized.

4: device mounting bracket, according to user requirements for import and export flange bearing design.