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US Concordia hydraulic drive automatic softener

US Concordia hydraulic drive automatic softener
  • US Concordia hydraulic drive automatic softener
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American Concord automatic softener Kinetico hydraulic control valve since the mid-1970s, the advent of its unique non-power hydraulic automatic control functions truly softener 'fool automatic' dream has now sold all over the world more than seventy countries and regions. Zhengzhou IndyMac Water Co. began in 2000 in cooperation with the United States Kinetico company, according to China's national conditions, the use of hydraulic drive control Concord softener system suitable for the preparation of development and design of the Chinese civil and industrial water softening RTFL series without power . Hydraulic automatic water softener Years of practice have proved: automatic softener pursuit of simple, practical, economic, reliable, on RTFL series water softener has been fully reflected, and has been widely welcomed softener users.
• working principle
DM series of automatic water softeners use impeller flow impact kinetic energy generated by a set of gears soft water flow measurement, in order to determine the end of run and sends the reproduction signal inner valve gear driven rotary control panel to control distribution of pressure signals, command different valve The opening and closing, in order to achieve water softener salt absorption, backwashing, flushing and switch the main pay cans, all work processes are done automatically in water pressure driven.
• Applications
Widely used in various industrial and civil softened water equipment, such as boiler feed water, heating and air conditioning systems complement the fields of water, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, laundry, bathing, food processing, high-quality domestic water, etc. to handle the traffic from 0.3 hour to several ten tons.
• Operating Characteristics
No power: to eliminate the electrical system failure; power failure; simplifies installation; particularly suitable for explosion-proof requirements of the fuel gas boiler soft water; management is simple: do not require users to have the expertise to really belong to "fool automatic '; all management just a regular salt; continuous water: Dual tank system with a prepared, 24 hours a day continuous water flow control: to ensure that the operation of economic and reliable; countercurrent regeneration: regeneration method using countercurrent process; and regeneration and cleaning with demineralized water; to achieve a low salt consumption; high quality water; maintenance is simple: the failure rate is very low.
• Run the program
1, running a red marker located quite dial 1.5-5 on the location of the main points made demineralized water tank, pay cans resin regeneration.
2, run the red mark located on the 5-6 o'clock position quite dial mainly made demineralized water tank, pay tank backwash.
3, run the red mark located on quite dial 6-7.5 o'clock position based system demineralized water tank, pay the pot aside.
4, running a red marker located on the location of the point quite dial 7.5-11 pay pot for the demineralized water system, main tank resin regeneration.
5, run the red marker is on quite dial pay 11-12 point location system softened water tanks, main tank backwashing.
6, running a red mark at the position quite dial 12-1.5 point on the pay pot for the demineralized water system, the main tank.