Modular stainless steel water tank, stainless steel water tank factory

Modular stainless steel water tank, stainless steel water tank factory

Product description:

Modular stainless steel water tank made of stainless steel assembled platen Imported food grade stainless steel material with high corrosion resistance. Zhengzhou Di US Environmental Protection Equipment Factory Stainless steel water box manufacturing assembly template using convex weld, according to the structure of the site, different size requirements, different tonnage requirements for flexible assembly, fewer supplies, high structural strength, no heavy lifting equipment, convenient transportation. If We need to make a holding tank. Di US Environmental Protection Equipment Factory For insulation layer Polyurethane foam ( Currently the world's best stainless steel water tank insulation material ) Insulation good effect.

Common tank and stainless steel tanks contrast
Name Category Cement tank FRP Fiberglass tanks Stainless steel water tank 304
Material Properties Water pollution Water pollution Low water pollution resistant acid
With or without secondary pollution Have Have no
There odorless Have Have no
Have moss reproduction Have Have no
Sealing performance difference Poor Great
Life Will leak after 4 years - 2 1.5 - 3.5 years after the crack Not bad, stainless steel
Convenient performance Heavier install inconvenience own Heavier install inconvenience own Own effort to facilitate saving light transport truck
Zhengzhou Di US Environmental Protection Equipment Factory production of modular stainless steel water tanks, has the following characteristics:
Safety and health, durable
The entire system is enclosed, stainless steel water tank assembled combination looks smooth, easy epiphytic algae, water washed precipitate is also easy to clean.
Means any combination of convenience
Rectangular stainless steel sheet - the use of cell assembly welding composition, can be based on equipment installation site, any combination of a polygon, ladder-shaped, L-shaped and other shapes of the tank.

Selection of excellent corrosion cracking
Selection of excellent performance imported food grade stainless steel sheet stretched repression, it has a unique corrosion crack resistance.
Production of sophisticated, versatile
Stainless steel stamping plate With precision mold hydraulic stretch forming, high water tank unit rectangular plate forming irregularities accuracy.
Fashionable and elegant
Stainless steel stamping plate (standard plate is 1m * 1m, 1m * 0.5m, 0.5m * 0.5m) any assembly welded together, can be based on any combination of the requirements of different places polygon, ladder-shaped, L-shaped and other shapes of stainless steel tank water tank linear and smooth, three-dimensional sense of good and can amenity.
Rational design, lighter weight
Fully welded scene composition, and the installation site without special requirements of high strength stainless steel tanks, sealing, and prevent secondary pollution of water;. Light weight, only half of ordinary steel tank.
Selection of excellent durability
Selection is made of food grade stainless steel plate. Seismic, good crack resistance, corrosion all year round.
Simple structure and reasonable means
High strength punching plate and evenly distributed inside Stainless steel reinforcement So that the strength of the box increased sixfold, and even by force. Tank by the unit rectangular sheet and uneven plate welded assembly, simple device, easy to transport, no heavy lifting equipment, different volumes can be assembled on site.
Health and safety, easy to clean
Tank the health indicators are in line with national industry standards, through health inspection and quarantine The body often insurance does not rust, not long moss, watertight, ensure water sources from secondary pollution. There are dedicated servant hole, cleaning is also very convenient.
Variety, widely used
0.5 tons to 1000 tons of different specifications, can be produced, the user can make the tank long depending on design requirements, width, height (standard plate is 1m * 1m, 1m * 0.5m) in any combination, and in accordance with user-supplied technology design and manufacturing process parameters and requirements.

Low prices, good service
Tank Price Fiberglass tanks Prices are similar; and decreases with increasing volume; the price of large water tank and Cement tank Prices are similar, and can be used as a permanent liquid storage container, such as considering the future maintenance costs and service life, you can know the price of economy combined water storage tanks, steel tanks in the most cost-effective of all.
A, enterprises and institutions at all levels, institutions, schools, hospitals, hotels, hotels and residential high-rise buildings of life and fire water supply system.
B, building water storage tanks, regulating expansion tank, fire water tank, procurement systems, the combination to the tank.
Supplementary tank C, boiler systems used in, holding tanks.
D, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing and other industries of water purification, water treatment original box, water tank and material storage facilities.
Sewage treatment tank E, petroleum, chemical industry, reservoir, and environmental protection industries.

Modular stainless steel water tank selection table
Nominal volume (cubic) Size (mm) Base (flat bracket)
long wide high
8200020002000 8 # channel, 5 # angle
9300020001500 8 # channel, 5 # angle
10250020002000 8 # channel, 5 # angle
12300020002000 8 # channel, 5 # angle
15300025002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
18300030002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
20400025002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
24400030002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
30400035002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
40500040002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
50500040002500 10 # channel, 5 # angle
80800050002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
100800050002500 10 # channel, 5 # angle
1201000050002000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
1501000050003000 10 # channel, 5 # angle
2001000080002500 10 # channel, 5 # angle
30010000100003000 10 # channel, 6.3 # angle
67515000150003000 10 # channel, 6.3 # angle
100050000500004000 12 # channel, 8 # angle
Note: Special specifications square stainless steel tanks, according to site size and design drawings produced