Constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment

Constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment

Product description:

HYK-2 type constant frequency control water supply unit is the company absorbing foreign advanced technology and the development of new energy-efficient results. The unit uses imported or domestic inverter, imported or domestic pipeline multistage pumps, and with our pocket Floor expansion combination of constant pressure tank having a stable water supply, water supply capacity, high degree of automation, maintenance and simple. HYK series has been widely used in residential, hotels hotels, hospitals, research and other industrial and mining enterprises and civil facilities of life, production and fire-fighting systems.

Second, the main features of

1, Water Supply, fully automatic operation, the water supply is automatically adjusted according to the size of the water.

2. electrical control devices and for pump are imported brand portfolio, has a long life, stable and reliable.

3, with low water level automatic shutdown protection function.

3, the expansion tank is a closed tank means, gas and water is not in contact, to ensure that the water quality from outside contamination, but also extend the life of the tank.

4, the expansion tank can be maintained long-term use once inflated.

5, the entire unit area is small, quick to install, easy to investment, operation and maintenance.

Third, the operation mode

HYK series products can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements and the size of the user's water consumption

Section; namely, the two devices set for the pump can be run separately; also tied transport

OK, so that is to extend the life of the equipment, but also to meet the user's requirements.

Ensure safe water supply and system uptime