Automatic backwash filters, automatic sewage filter

Automatic backwash filters, automatic sewage filter

Product description:

I. Overview
Our development and production of KC-type sewage filter backwash into manual type and automatic type two series. The filter of traditional filters in the form of major changes were made to design a new structure and form of control in front of the filter cartridge Set the valve plate, changing the flow of water through the filter manual / automatic operation of the shutter actuator during normal operation, the valve plate is turned on, the water flow from the inner cylinder cartridge, the debris collected in the barrel; through manual observation or when the micro-controller detects when the water pressure is too low, manual / automatic actuator closed cartridge valve plate, while drain valve is automatically opened, the water that flows outward from the cartridge barrel, back flushing filter, completely discharge impurities Also, automatic backwash process does not affect the normal water.

Second, the function and use

KC type sewage filter backwash water supply systems for a variety of; process water systems and industrial cooling water system; in particular 24 hours of continuous operation without stopping the machine system that can filter out all kinds of mechanical impurities in the water to ensure safe and reliable system equipment run.

Third, the technical characteristics
Working temperature: ≤150 ℃
Working pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Wide range of filtration accuracy: d = 0.5-2.0mm

Power: 220V 50HZ

Microcomputer control load: 10A 220V
Large water filter: The filter pressure loss small, large water treatment
Long life: made of stainless steel and high-quality carbon steel cylinder consisting of filter
Integrated low cost: no need to remove and replace the filter; maintenance; life of up to 20 years
High efficiency operation is simple: no connection bypass; no repair machine; good filtration recoil effect

Fourth, the device structure and working principle
KC type backwash filter sewage mainly by quality carbon steel cylinder, stainless steel mesh special structure, flow direction valve, automatic actuators, micro-controller and sewage installations. When the filter work, flow direction valve is open , water flow from the inlet into the filter, through the mesh filter to the outlet (see Fig. 1) when the filter is automatic sewage;. flow direction valve closed; sewage valve open; water flowing through the first half of the mesh filter; part of the water flowing into the outlet system; the remaining water from the outside half of the filter into the inner side; by the outfall discharge; play back automatically flushing filter effect (see Figure 2) so that the entire washing process system can run normally, with no downtime.
Open flow direction valve opening mechanism executed by electric with pressure control device, the user can set the water backwash water pressure value based on pressure difference (usually out of the water pressure difference is set between 0.06-0.08MPa), to automatic cleaning sewage, and sewage flow direction valve solenoid valve to achieve linkage.