Silicon Phos plus stainless steel pot | Regent dosing device

Silicon Phos plus stainless steel pot | Regent dosing device

Product description:

Di Mei company specializing in the manufacturing of silicon and phosphorus in Zhengzhou grain; Regent inhibitor; Detergents; SI p c-plus bottles; SI-Phos dosing device; Silicon-phosphorus grain tank; Clean spirit essential added bottles of; Regent DOSER; Stainless steel added pot/added drug device, return Li Crystal added pot, return Li Crystal resistance scale device, return Li Crystal except scale equipment, stainless steel Silicon p Crystal added pot, stainless steel tank, stainless steel filter device, resistance scale device, except scale device, resistance scale equipment, except scale equipment, anti-penetration equipment, water equipment, softening equipment, soft water machine, water device, straight drink machine.
SI p c tank content need to be determined in accordance with the actual situation, especially the high case hardness of water quality in the North, the dosage must increase.
Doses calculated and added: first of all confirm the yearly water consumption and water hardness and tube components.
Base quantity (kg) = annual consumption crystal * silicon phosphorus concentration ÷ 1000
Added: added every 3 month basis 1/4 basis or every 6 months additional 1/2. principle it is best added every 3 months at a time.
SI p c tank applications
1, hotel, hotel life of hot and cold water
2, boiler; Central air conditioning; Industrial circulating cooling water of the corrosion and scale inhibitor; Anticorrosive; Algal inhibition
3, replace softeners reverse osmosis equipment or imported liquid inhibitor
4, rapid elimination of new, old red due to corrosion of the water supply system water from Yellow River Blackwater
SI p c tank
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Model: everything from 5 kg dosage. More than 1 ton of large equipment can be customized, installed the client request processing.
Appearance: 8K Mirror polished, scientific design, workmanship, exquisite luxury, never rusts.
Advantages: many years of industry experience, the first professional production of SI p c and pot makers, good quality, reasonable price, denied profiteering.

SI p c tank description
SI p c-plus bottles are specially designed for adding Crystal design of silicon and phosphorus containers. Add tank installation is simple and convenient, with the automatic dosing of water, without special duty, will not cause pressure drop on the original water supply system.
SI p c-plus bottles can be observed directly from the sight glass tank owned by Regent. Users according to the water quality and their actual usage time plus pharmacy, General every 3-6 months supplement-SI p c at a time.
Plus bottles are widely used in industrial water treatment in small and medium; Circulating cooling water system Solar system; Heat exchange systems and boiler systems (except steam boilers)
SI p c: an economical and effective prevention of equipment and pipe scale and corrosion of the new generation water treatment chemicals; Is a unique formula and made of glassy sustained-release pellets insoluble in water; Is composed of poly-phosphate/poly-silicate insoluble aggregates. Products, also known as g-Phos, Regent, silicon and phosphorus crystal.
SI p c-the advantages
1 scale and more excellent (water's carbonate hardness up to 9mmoI/L), and has run the descaling (dispersion) function;

.2 rust is more prominent, and can eliminate the equipment and piping in the original rust;
.3 is easy to use; Health; Usually do not need management;
.4 small size;
.5 cost effective, stable quality and low prices.

Using SI p c other considerations
1, SI p c add tank water temperature (30 degrees Celsius.
2, SI p c pot should avoid heat sources to prevent dissolution tank temperature is too high the medicine ball.
3, steam boiler water treatment does not apply SI p c equipment.
4, when the water system is deactivated for a long time; SI p c from bottles should be removed; Air-dried, store it in a dry place
SI p c tank main features

Size customized according to user requirements, can be applied to any place. 100kg advanced customization is required. Period 5-7 days.
Materials are made of 304 stainless steel, normal pressure 8KG design, interface customers can request processing: 20kg-can be customized to tons, used for drinking water, beverages, food processing, the higher the price, where from my company ordered SI p c can be provided at cost price plus bottles.
Device installation instructions
Does not need any special Foundation. Placed on the formation of a cement floor. 100kg devices need to be bolted on fixed equipment footings.
Installation steps and requirements

1. first Visual devices should be checked for damage, such as checking without exception, then install. The equipment installed in the Interior.
2. the equipment should be installed in the production of good concrete base platform, equipment need not be fixed to the concrete foundation platform.
3. the installation should take the form of bypass-installed to meet state of downtime installing return to the Regent pharmacy needs.
4. maximum distance from the wall not less than 80cm outer diameter, distance between the devices is less than 80cm.
5. maintenance the distance not less than 50cm.
6. Import and export of equipment piping should be set close to the orifice pipe supports; Directly connected with the container nozzle is greater than or equal to DN100 valve should be installed below bracket.
7. Device inlet, outlet, bypass pipe are required to install the valve.
8. DN50-caliber equipment and pipes with threaded connection. Equipment and piping with flange connections DN65.
SI p c instructions for use

1, set

Before running
Device before the system starts running, should flush the pipe first. Equipment water inlet valve, outlet valve must be closed, open the bypass valve.
2. normal operation
1) check pipes and valves.
2) check correctly, open the water inlet valve, outlet valve, close the by-pass valve.
3. maintenance
Phosphorus Silicon Crystal in water content should be 3 ~ 5 g/t to achieve the desired effect, so the user needs every March added a pharmacy.

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