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Boiler Water Treatment Equipment

Boiler Water Treatment Equipment
  • Boiler Water Treatment Equipment
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Boiler softened water treatment equipment can safe and economic operation, water treatment is very important. Boiler feed water is not processed or handled properly, certainly in the heating surface fouling, lower heat transfer performance of the furnace wall, increased fuel consumption, but also will cause corrosion, burst pipes, or even cause explosion, particularly in raw water quality hardness larger areas popular boiler water treatment, to ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler;. improve boiler efficiency; prolong boiler service life; energy conservation has very important significance . DM automatic boiler water softening equipment, is the latest designed for various types of boilers and design, is a special design based on the raw water quality in most parts of the characteristics of hardness conducted. RTFL automatic boiler water softening devices using different combination, operation mode, in which a single tank, double tanks, three tank unit. US FLECK automatic water softening company's controller, the control valve can control the operation of a variety of ways to ensure adequate water yield exchange column. DM automatic boiler water softening device products to meet your requirements for a variety of water demand, running water total hardness does not exceed 8mgN / L conditions, residual water hardness can guarantee the achievement of 0.03mgN / L of the National Board of Boiler water standards .