Factory wholesale hollow drill | carbide hollow drill | quality assurance

Factory wholesale hollow drill | carbide hollow drill | quality assurance

Product description:

Our company is a professional wholesale steel multi-blade steel drill bit (also known as core drilling or core drilling) is more efficient cutting blade ring drill, hole diameter from 12mm to 150mm, is mainly used for drilling steel member such as steel works, rail transport, bridges, ships, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other fields hole machining, drilling outperforms its traditional two blade twist drill with high drilling efficiency, drilling brisk saving features, multi-blade steel drill with magnetic base drilling rig can drill large parts multi-faceted, flexible operation, shorten construction time, as the preferred tool of modern steel member and an annular groove machined drilling.

Multi-blade steel drill from material divided mainly into two categories: one is the high-speed steel drill steel, the other is the high-speed steel carbide steel drill steel drill with good stability and regrinding, and is currently the main application. series; carbide steel drill has high cutting speed, capable of complex material excellent completion of drilling operations.

Carbide steel drill

1; can fit more complex material drilling; optional higher cutting speed;

2; selection of dedicated high-performance alloy steel drill blade; reduce chipping and maintain good wear resistance;

3; multilayer cutting edge geometry end; improve chip performance and maintain a smaller cutting resistance;

4; In addition to the commonly used rectangular outer shank type; a wide range of shank type; for a variety of drilling rig; drilling machine equipped with;

5; specifications from Φ12mm ~ Φ150mm; cutting depth 35mm; 50mm; 75mm; 100mm series;

6, can be ordered Φ150mm ~ Φ200mm, 200mm cutting depth can be extended to the special occasion needs.