Supply elastomer seal doors and windows

Supply elastomer seal doors and windows

Product description:

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Before China's building energy consumption accounts for 27.5% Social terminal Pat energy consumption, the energy loss through gaps around doors and windows closed lax usually accounts for about 37-40% of building energy consumption. Therefore, the increase between the fan frame and glass in particular sealing between the window frame and sash is very important. Thus, the sealing strip has become essential part of the construction industry is currently seals market, mainly in modified PVC, vulcanized EPDM rubber (EPDM) and thermoplastic three yuan ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM / PP) tape-based.

Types of sealing strip and Features

Seal Category 1: modified PVC strips

The price is relatively low, due to the varying quality of the merits, the price is generally between 6,000 yuan 15,000 yuan / ton low-end products due to the use of waste, alternative plasticizers and high filler content, to make elastic tape is poor, prone to hard There assassination nose smell, easy migration to make the frame material yellow, short life. minority price competition in the low-level doors and windows are still in use. In the high-end PVC strips can meet the standard indicators, life is relatively longer, now the city has a considerable selection of doors and windows business.

Because PVC products containing halogen, stabilizers containing heavy metals, it is not conducive to environmental protection, and therefore foreign countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities Pat-out or limit the use of PVC strips. Currently the city there are some companies began to upgrade the use of EPDM Seal.

Seal Category 2: vulcanized EPDM rubber seal

In terms of the sealing elastic persistent than PVC strips greatly enhanced, but because of the need microwave curing line styling, high processing power consumption, typically more than 20 times the PVC processing, the product can not reuse, not environmental protection, not a national advocacy products. In addition, these products share material (1.4 and above) quite (low specific gravity greater vulcanized EPDM seals) and PVC type of windows with PVC strips similar rate, the cost is relatively high, doors and windows business hard to accept .

Seal Category 3: thermoplastic EPDM rubber seal is developed in recent years on the basis of technology introduced from abroad and domestic independent research and development on a new material, mainly used in car doors and windows sealed, in recent years began to be used Architectural doors and windows sealed its outstanding advantages are:

① performance and service life of vulcanized EPDM rubber seal fairly.

② processing vulcanized EPDM seals with respect to energy consumption is low (with PVC equivalent).

③ free of halogens and heavy metals such as lead, plus a few years later recyclable, in line with green building requirements.

④ the proportion of small (only 0.9-0.95) the window is high. Purchase price looks high, low real cost. This product is extremely rapid in recent years has been the development of the use of windows and doors in the building.