Supply self-adhesive seal doors and windows

Supply self-adhesive seal doors and windows

Product description:

Category: Seal Material: ethylene-propylene rubber Model: 9 * 6

1. All of our self-adhesive door seal products are imported using the glass fiber mesh-like tape, the color is yellow .
2. Specific Products Please select models for verification .
3. Product specifications and packaging requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.
Main functions:

Pest control every light wind noise and smoke water crash

Self-adhesive door seal EPDM (EPDM) rubber foaming, creating its outstanding features .
• Excellent resistance to weather aging resistance • ozone resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion properties • flexible foam seal
• Excellent cold and heat resistance (-50 ℃ ~ + 170 ℃) • super flexible, 200% stretch • affordable

product material:
1, using high-quality EPDM rubber, foam production process.
2, on the back of imported double-sided tape, a mesh -like glass fiber sandwich .

Scope and installation methods:
1. Apply to all kinds of doors, windows and the like.
2. Installation: comes with double-sided adhesive, you can paste (adhesive surface must be smooth; clean; smooth; drying).