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Supply EPDM glass curtain wall sealing strip

Supply EPDM glass curtain wall sealing strip
  • Supply EPDM glass curtain wall sealing strip
Product code: 16746200001
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Type: Seal Model: Various Product rating: Excellent
Shape: Various Material: EPDM.PVC.TPV

Hebei, Shanghai Optical Co., Ltd. is located in Qinghe county seal Simma Tuen industrial zone; company specializing in the production of various automotive sealing; doors and windows sealed; air conditioning seals; furniture sealing strip; electrical seal; foam seal; mechanical seal ; automobile windshield seals; door strips; trim; skeleton strip; extruded seal; E-type; P-type; D-type seal; rubber seal; three composite tape; compact - sponge - the three composite core steel seal; four composite seal; soft and hard composite tape; soft plastic - hard plastic composite seal; architectural seals; modified PVC seal; plastic tape; rubber seal senior building; aluminum alloy doors and windows sealed; steel seal doors and windows; glass curtain wall sealing tape; container door seal; door sponge rubber seal; refrigerator door seal tape; self-adhesive seal; door glass slide bar; door sponge seal; decoration pieces; door glass retaining bar; glass wind seal; fire seals; fire-retardant tube; hose; silicone tube; winding hose; pipes; air pipe; pipeline; automotive rubber seals; EPDM seals; comes with a flexible adhesive foam seals; sponge tape; sealing tape; foam tape; glass bead; glass tape; glass waterproof; glass door seal rubber molded parts; mechanical seals; foam seals; seals; seals; Special rubber pad; EPDM rubber molded products; silicone; transparent strip; dust strip;. Rubber (PVC) of white tape, various models of color all kinds of rubber, silicone, rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) products.