Supply self-adhesive sealing strip

Supply self-adhesive sealing strip

Product description:

Category: Seal Material: ethylene-propylene rubber Model: According to customer requirements

Self-adhesive sealing strip

For doors and windows switch freely, surrounded by doors and windows must have a certain gap, however, these gaps also gave rise to a lot of interference, such as: noise, insects and pests, rain, cold, hot air and dust, light, at the same time, These gaps also affect the effect of indoor heating and air conditioning, resulting in significant energy loss.
The method of solving the above problems is to install around doors and windows sealed system, so that when the doors and windows closed and all gaps are sealed. Sealing products tend to be multi-purpose, both to stop outside invaders, but also to prevent the chamber cold, heat leakage. Installing proper sealing products can provide comprehensive, continuous sealing action for a variety of doors and windows, while not affecting the normal switch window doors.
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•. Product performance standards

1, GB12002-89 (steel doors and windows sealing strip)
2, GB320 281NAF05-2000 (building walls with vulcanized rubber sealing strip)
3, ISO3934 (GB10712) (Building a rubber gasket - sealing windows and paneling preformed solid vulcanized rubber material - Specification)