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Arrows | T90 alien game notebook radiator | computer cooling bracket base 14 15 17 inches

Arrows | T90 alien game notebook radiator | computer cooling bracket base 14 15 17 inches
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Step Arrow T90
  • Color Category: Black T90X Music Edition Black
  • By fan configuration: 2
  • Cooling method: air-cooled
  • Brand: step arrows
  • Model: T90

Attached: T90 Music Edition with magnetic parts, 'Xinjiang, Tibet'Area can not be airliftedHair Shunfeng land transport!), Other areas of the default Yuantong Express free mail! To send SF Express contact customer service!

'Special Note'Radiator noise sources, there are two main aspects:

1, the wind speed, the main and the amount of hair, the greater the amount of blowing, the faster the wind, the sound will be high wind (similar to the car when the difference between fast and slow) This is to take good ventilation and noise to a certain extent Is contradictory.

2, duct design, parrot snorkel blowing duct, volute with curve design, air volume fit volute curvature blowing, smooth and no resistance, effectively reduce the noise.

T90 listed for some time, received a lot of user evaluation, there is a big voice, but also that can accept, for the user of this feedback, we made improvements, as follows: Add the governor (speed up to 4000 rpm ± 10%) to control the size of the amount of ventilation. Proposed pro who began to use, in order to quickly cool down to large (the higher the temperature the greater the temperature drop yo), when you love this temperature In the control of the normal range (usually 40-60 degrees), then the radiator speed down, so that books can keep a reasonable working temperature, but also the noise down.