Arrow ice cream T90 | Notebook Cooler | Turbo PC radiator bracket 14-inch 15.6-inch 17

Arrow ice cream T90 | Notebook Cooler | Turbo PC radiator bracket 14-inch 15.6-inch 17

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Step Arrow T90
  • Color Classification: Black Music Edition Black T90X
  • Press the fan configuration: 2
  • Cooling: air-cooled
  • Brand: Step Arrow
  • Model: T90

Attachment: T90 Music Edition with magnetic parts, [Xinjiang, Tibet]Region can not be air (SF land!), Basic version tact contact customer service free postage!

【Special Note】Radiator sources of noise, there are two main aspects:

1, wind speed, (similar to the difference between slow and fast car at the time) and mainly related to the amount of hair, the greater the amount of hair, the faster the wind speed, the wind, the sound will be higher this ventilation that is, to good effect but also low noise to some extent on contradictory.

2, duct design, smooth hair Nautilus Road, volute the adoption curve design, wind blown completely fit the curvature of the spiral, smooth without resistance, effectively reduce the noise.

T90 has been listed for some time, received a lot of user reviews, there is that big voice, but also said it acceptable for users of this feedback, we have made improvements, as follows: Join governor (speed up to 4000 rpm ± 10%) controls the amount of ventilation in size. It is recommended to start using pro, to rapid cooling to maximum (the higher the temperature the greater the temperature drop yo), when you love the present temperature in the control in the normal range (typically 40-60 degrees), then reduce the rotational speed of the radiator, which would allow books kept at a reasonable temperature, and noise can be reduced.