Supply mobile phone straps

Supply mobile phone straps

Product description:

Style: Unisex Rope material: nylon Rope material: plastic buckles
Packaging: bulk Print LOGO:

Production of lanyards lanyard strap according to customer needs and can customize your required product key card whistle can be used to hang items in digital products such as

Ribbon can be any print you need company LOGO

We are a printing, processing, weaving, dyeing, molding as a whole, mainly the production of cell phone lanyard, phone wiping, advertising gifts, silicone jewelry, alloy jewelry u disk, ribbons, laces, belts, radio harnesses, MP3/MP4 lanyards, lanyards, harnesses the exhibition, ID card lanyard, hand-rolled band, metal hanging chain. Mobile phone lanyard, products, digital products, electronic products matching lanyards, sublimation lanyards, zipper lanyard, PVC plastic cards and other products, product testing by SGS international ROHS standards.

Company is a lanyard/harness products and jewelry around, to mobile phone accessories/jewelry/rope lanyard (strap) headphone series as a supplement, set design, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise. The products are widely used in MP3, MP4, USB, cell phones, cameras and other electronic/communication/digital products core supporting. Mobile phone rope Lanyard/harness; Ribbons rope MP3/U lanyard; Yi Lakou/telescopic chain; Easy-pull; Mobile phone holder; Mobile phone accessories MP3/mobile phone bag; Zipper lanyards; Lanyard strap headphones headphones/; Flashing lanyard; Leather lanyards; Metal chain; Event ID card holder; Document suspenders; Epoxy/trams/screen printing/processing; PVC plastic cards; Promotional gifts; PVC/PU series;

Products are widely used in electronic/communication/cyber/IT products supporting new jewelry Lanyard Factory specializes in all kinds of Mobile phone lanyards, ID badge lanyards, label tape, PVC wire, MP3, camera lanyard, lanyard headphones, mobile phone ornaments ornaments and so on. Specializing in Ribbon Ribbon printing and production, cell phone lanyards, harnesses, lanyards, cotton belt, PVC belt, PP cotton rope with a long elastic band laces nylon straps to Trinidad and Tobago.
Main products: mobile phone lanyards, ID badge lanyards, label tape, PVC wire, MP3, camera lanyard earphone lanyard, Ribbon printing and production of Ribbon, cell phone lanyards, harnesses, lanyards, cotton belt, PVC belt and so on.
The spirit of ' customer first, the letter first. Quality policy, with the best quality with maximum production output, meet our customers advice. Our standard production process, adhere to Seiko, quality first, integrity-centered, mutually beneficial business philosophy, adhere to: to the quality of survival, reputation and development services, and strive to provide our customers, create brilliant.