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Choseal / Akihabara Q-348 Speaker Line | Speaker Cable | Audio Cable | Surround Speaker Cable | Power Line

Choseal / Akihabara Q-348 Speaker Line | Speaker Cable | Audio Cable | Surround Speaker Cable | Power Line
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Choseal / Akihabara Q-348
  • Brand: Choseal / Akihabara
  • Model: Q-348
  • Process: gold-plated
  • Color classification: 2 * 200 core 2 * 322 core 2 * 504 core 2 * 150 core 2 * 100 core 2 * 50 core
  • Cable Category: speaker cable
  • Material: pure copper
  • Length: 1 meter

Akihabara Yasheng store quality assurance quality assured

30w the following speaker power with 50-core model q345. General background music with 100-core speaker cable Model 346, 70w --- 150w speaker with 150-core speaker cable Model 347, 200w-500w speaker with 200-core speaker cable Model q348. -1000 with 322 core speaker wire models 2064 and 164, more than 1000w with 504 core model 166, we can according to their own circumstances.

Briefly background music with less than 100 cores (2 * 50 core or 2 * 100 core);

Home 5.1 7.1 surround sound speakers to do with the theater 2 * 150 or 2 * 200 core;

Main speakers or high-power speakers with more than 322 core;

Description: A speaker wire divided into two shares (positive and negative) we are referring to the single-core line number, unlike other shops refers to the total core number, pay attention to other shops refers to the total core number, such as their 100 core is only equivalent to us Of the 50-core, and so on, so we buy to recognize is the number of single-core or the total number of cores.

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Loss to sell ! 100000 meters Grab is complete! Grab is to earn! Pro! Do not hesitate , The witness of thousands of families, speakers bomber line type!

product name: Speaker line, audio line, speaker line, background music line, car speaker line, the main speaker line, around the line, in the home, front, 5.1 cinema

Brand: CHOSEAL / Akihabara

Wire Type: Speaker speaker line

Conductor: 99.99% high-purity 4N oxygen-free copper (OFC) signal transmission steady attenuation attenuation high transmission rate.

Standard: RoHS environmental standards

Double sheath

Product quality electronic monitoring network (95001111) only the entire volume with anti-counterfeit labels, scattered lines without labels

Length: 1 m (how many meters to take how many pieces)

100 meters / roll, 500 m / roll (100 m axis roll and film roll, the default random shipment. Because of the limited number of full volume specifications, if the entire volume specifications without inventory, the default divergence line, without any notice! Please understand! Other length can be purchased by the meter, Cheung love can also consult our customer service!)

Skin Material: High environmental PVC plastic, environmental protection, anti-corrosion oil, acid and alkali durability.

Inside edge Never: Aerospace polyethylene, anti-interference to enhance the transmission rate.

length: Using precision Pen Maji, the length of accurate;

Positive and negative : Two-way channel bi-directional transmission without distinction between positive and negative, just 2-side counterparts.

Product Usage: This cable is used in audio and speaker cables to transmit audio signals. It is suitable for home decoration and conference room and sound engineering in public places, home theater, audio and video equipment connection, engineering installation, car audio and so on ......

Warm remind : Try to buy an integer number of 15m, 20m, 25m ... (and so on).

characteristic: Flexible and easy to use wire, the entire disk without joints, computer Penma, the length of accurate, access to user trust.

The figure is 50-504 core physical map is for reference only.

The following is a 200-core details of the picture as an example is a shop Pirates of all pictures! Photo for reference only: in-kind shooting.

The following is the speaker wire is a banana head