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Asus VG248QE 24 inch inch up to 144hz 3D games gaming gaming LCD monitor XL2411

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Asus / ASUS VG248QE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Packaging volume: 674x413x221mm
  • Brand: Asus / ASUS
  • ASUS Model: VG248QE
  • Package type: official standard
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Camera type: no camera
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Whether the touch screen: non-touch screen
  • Gross weight: 8.1 kg
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • Touch screen type: non-touch screen
  • Additional features: 3D built-in speaker lift can be wall-mounted rotation rotation lift
  • color: black
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Whether widescreen: Yes
  • Vertical viewing angle: 178 °
  • Black and white response time: 1 ms
  • Gray response time: 2 ms
  • Dot pitch: 0.266mm
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Interface type: DVI-D HDMI DISPLAYPORT
  • The average brightness: 350cd / m ^ 2
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178 °
  • Condition: New
  • LCD screen types: ordinary screen
  • Screen ratio: 16: 9
  • Time to market: 2013
  • Nominal Contrast: Others
  • Screen Type: WLED
  • Whether it comes with speakers: Yes
  • Application scenarios: media and entertainment

ASUS VG248QE gaming 3D 144HZ 1 ms

Sent to the national security for 3 years

Game artifacts must be allocated ASUS 144Hz refresh rate of 1ms first test

ASUS 144Hz refresh rate of 1ms first test

Is the brand specifically for gamers to create a 24-inch large-screen LCD. This LCD also has the world's highest refresh rate of 144Hz, gaming players can bring better quality display.Compared to 120Hz per second can be An increase of 24 frames output, so that the 2D and 3D display screen smoother ASUS monitor came to our ZOL evaluation room.Here, I will give you the color of this monitor to test and see what this monitor is extraordinary .

VG248QE is ASUS latest 24-inch 3D, this monitor has more than the current 3D display market, the most common 120 Hz refresh rate. The world's highest 144 Hz refresh rate, which for gamers is undoubtedly very tempting The other ASUS this monitor also supports 3D Vision 2. 3D image brightness can be improved up to double, while improving picture quality.

Asus VG248QE 24-inch screen size to provide 1920 × 1080 screen resolution. In addition to 144Hz refresh rate, ASUS VG248QE also provides 1ms response time.In the interface area this monitor is equipped with DVI-D digital interface, a DisplayPort 1.2 version Interface, and HDMI interface.The base of this product is also very Aspect to support the rotation and other regulatory functions, and ASUS VG248QE also provides built-in speaker.

Continuation of ASUS VG series design style

LCD is the VG series, the appearance of the design is more user-friendly, and the introduction of the product before the shape design is basically the same.Then, let's take a look at this model of the design.Because the same positioning in the mass entertainment users, Its overall design style is still biased in favor of fashion.

Asus is a 24-inch widescreen LCD, its screen ratio of 16: 9, with 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution and its overall appearance of the fuselage does not use the current popular piano process design, but selected the scrub Material design.This not only can effectively control their own costs, but also to ASUS VG248QE LCD appears to be more stable.

ASUS VG248Q on the back

Asus VG248QE LCD back of the design is very simple, clean style is very popular with consumers. ASUS VG248QE English brand LOGO printed on the back of the eye-catching Department.In addition, the lifting and rotation damping is also very moderate, will not feel too Loose or too tight.

ASUS VG248QE LCD display can be angled

ASUS VG248QE LCD screen adjustment angle and the basic product is not much difference, 160/170 °. Adjustment range to meet the needs of the user's daily adjustment from the side, thanks to LED backlight design, ASUS VG248QE machine Body is also very slim and lightweight.

Details of the same quality as a rock

Next, we come to appreciate the details of LCD design and workmanship as a global PC maker, before the launch has a very good workmanship, gives a very solid feel, and Asus is also the case.


In the ASUS VG248QE support the back of the design of a red hub, the user can put together the complex line up and placed here.In addition, ASUS VG248QE rise and fall when the bracket damping moderate, The stability in the lifting regulation is also very good.

ASUS VG248QE LCD keypad

ASUS VG248QE also OSD and switch buttons placed in the lower right of the fuselage, more convenient to operate.However, when operating in a dark environment, the user may feel some are not suited.

ASUS VG248QE LCD monitor base

In addition to lift and vertical screen rotation, the ASUS VG248QE LCD also supports the product directly on the desktop 360 ° rotation, this will benefit from the base chassis design below, this can facilitate the game user multi-angle multi-faceted game Experience, very intimate.

ASUS VG248QE LCD interface

In the interface Asus VG248QE This monitor is equipped with DVI-D digital interface, a DisplayPort 1.2 version interface, and HDMI interface. Fully able to meet the user any digital device entertainment needs.

Color characteristics comparable to wide viewing angle products

We then used the Spyder Elite 4 colorimeter to test the performance characteristics of color. If the traditional image capture mode, due to the difference between imaging and consumer use of the difference between the original can not see the real picture display the most We use a professional device for testing, the output can be intuitive understanding of the actual display capabilities of the graphics, but also more conducive to the user to understand the true level of this test, we are fully in accordance with the standard test process for testing.

Test equipment: Datacolor company produced Spyder Elite 4 school color instrument

The color characteristics of liquid crystal
(Red part of the ASUS color space, the green part of the sRGB color space)

If the ASUS VG248QE color space on behalf of the red area can completely cover the green area is the most ideal results from our test chart can be seen, ASUS VG248QE color space basically covers the entire sRGB color space, covering the area reached 97% .For a TN panel display, this test results performed very well, to be significantly higher than the same type, and even better than a lot of wide viewing angle display is also excellent.

144Hz gaming experience what advantages

After the introduction of this general situation, then we will test the actual performance of the screen 144Hz, we still use the real way to show the show.We select the current very popular game as an experience project. To see what the 144 Hz refresh rate of the screen how strong.

"Street Fighter 4"

If you can not see the video please click:

We can see through the real shot, ASUS LCD 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution, with 144 Hz refresh rate of the screen effect is very outstanding, the screen content is very delicate and the screen experience of the game experience is very shocking, the details in ASUS VG248QE only use TN panel, but the color performance is also very good.We can see through the real shot pictures, ASUS VG248QE in the characters and the environment of the color performance is very bright, so the real shot in the show can be exhausted.In addition, For the user's daily experience, can restore a more accurate color.

ASUS VG248QE "Lost Planet"

If you can not see the video please click:

The game in the ASUS VG248QE display can be described as a duck to water, the 144 Hz rendering of the picture is very realistic and details of the office is to feel immersive, this screen is believed that only 144 Hz refresh rate to understand get.

1ms corresponding time without smear

In addition to the above two games, I also selected the other two games to help you understand.Video real shot so that the picture can be more clear than the way.

ASUS "biochemical XX"

If you can not see the video please click:

From the video, we can see ASUS VG248QE LCD response time of 1ms really extraordinary, large-screen LCD often appear to effectively solve the smear phenomenon.The whole video playback is very smooth, delicate color quality exquisite, Can give consumers a wonderful visual experience.

ASUS VG248QE "Final Fantasy 14: rebirth of the environment"

If you can not see the video please click:

In the final fantasy 14: the rebirth of the environment test ASUS VG248Q played its due level in the fast-paced, multi-change picture, ASUS VG248QE not the slightest smear phenomenon in the game details part of the performance Can be clearly presented in front of us, the overall feeling that we are very satisfied with the reduction in the color display, we can see, ASUS VG248QE maintained its accuracy.

ASUS exclusive GamePlus more intimate

Not only can help gamers to play out the highest performance and potential of such equipment, but also
144Hz super high refresh rate to help gamers in the first-person shooting class and other competitive games to get higher scores.In addition, 1ms LCD response technology, completely eliminate fast moving video or video playback may produce blur. The most important thing is also equipped with ASUS unique GamePlus hotkey, so that the game player's technical superior one chip.

"Sight" powered by

ASUS exclusive GamePlus hotkey for gamers in the FPS and RTS games to provide sight and timer features that can help gamers to practice and improve the game skills.Sight which provides four styles of sight can choose to facilitate the FPS The game in the shooting skills.Timer, in the RTS games, to provide users with timer function to facilitate the control and management of time.


Not only provides a response time of 1ms and 144 Hz refresh rate, resolution and screen size compatibility, portability, support the level of regulation are very good optimization.In addition, ASUS VG248QE display also uses the latest 3D Technology, to gamers another gaming experience, but also worth mentioning is that Asus exclusive GamePlus hotkey.This design not only helps the game players to improve their skills, but also show the ASUS brand of human and professional side.

144 Hz 1ms Game player must be equipped with artifacts

120Hz for ordinary gamers is enough, but for high-level enthusiasts and even professional electric contestants, the screen will appear inconsistent phenomenon, and if you use the refresh rate of 144Hz, it will not appear this Phenomenon, which is why we see a lot of high-end fever players crazy pursuit of high refresh rate.

144 Hz refresh rate makes the LCD monitor has become the pursuit of the game enthusiasts weapon, ASUS models monitor the performance of the video is very good, whether it is a large-scale scenes or small details of the office, the picture presented are very ideal.

Asus VG248Q in addition to has a very good external performance, the internal design is also very carefully.Through our professional test equipment, ASUS VG248QE in color performance is very good, which for a TN panel display is not easy . In addition, this monitor is also equipped with a response time of 1ms, and through our video test can also see ASUS VG248QE does not exist smear problem.

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Wang Yue LCD monitor due to the response time is long, the refresh rate is low, often not high-end gaming players to accept, but with the CRT monitor completely eliminated, some games better performance LCD naturally more attention. ASUS VG248QE response by 1ms Time and 144Hz high refresh rate to solve the inherent ills of LCD monitors.

Panel Size:24.0 '(61.0cm) 16: 9 widescreen
Color saturation:72% (NTSC)
Panel Type:WLED / TN
Best resolution:1920x1080
Full HD 1080P:stand by
Pitch distance:0.2768 mm
Brightness (Max):350 cd / ㎡
ASUS Intelligent Dynamic Contrast Ratio (ASCR):80000000:1
Viewing angle (CR ≧ 10):170 ° (H) / 160 ° (V)
Response time :1ms (gray to gray)
Display Color:16.7M

Video characteristics No blur technology
SPLENDID intelligent Splendid technology
SPLENDID Default mode:6 modes
Skin tone adjustment:3 modes
Color temperature selection:4 modes
Supports HDCP
GamePlus (mode):Support (Aim / Timer)

Audio function Stereo Sound 2W x 2 Stereo RMS
hot key SPLENDID Image Preset mode selection
Brightness adjustment
Input selection

I / O interface Signal input:HDMI, DisplayPort, Dual-link DVI-D (NVIDIA 3D Edition)
PC audio input:3.5mm Mini-Jack
AV audio input:HDMI, DisplayPort
Headphone jack:3.5mm Mini-Jack (HDMI & DisplayPort only)

Signal frequency Digital signal frequency:30 to 140 KHz (H) / 50 to 144 Hz (V)
Maximum power consumption Standard: <45
Power saving mode: <0.5W
Power off: <0.5W
Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Mechanical Design Appearance color:black
Dip angle adjustment:+15°~-5°
Horizontal rotation:stand by
Vertical rotation:stand by
Height adjustable:stand by
VESA Wall Mount:100x100mm

Safety Kensington security keyhole
size Body size with bracket (WxHxD): 569.4x499.9x231mm
Body size without bracket (WxHxD): 569.4x340.4x57.3mm (VESA wall)
Packing size (WxHxD): 674x413x221mm

weight Net weight (estimated): 5.5kg
Gross weight (estimated): 8.1kg
Accessories Dual-link DVI signal cable
Audio Line
power cable
Quick Installation Guide
Technical Support CD
Quality warranty card

Safety Certification Energy Star®, BSMI, CB, CCC, CE, C-Tick, ErP, FCC, Gost-R, J-MOSS, PSE, RoHS, UL / cUL, VCCI, WEEE, WHQL (Windows 8, Windows 7)