Oil supply into mobile phone ornaments, beautiful and stylish and practical

Oil supply into mobile phone ornaments, beautiful and stylish and practical

Product description:

Brand: new technology Style: lovers Pendant material: rubber
Feature: lightning flash Packaging: bulk Print LOGO:
Whether providing customized processing: Yes

Fashion phone wipe, phone rope products professional production manufacturers one of, products has various fashion phone strap, hand-rolled band, phone wipe, PVC inflatable toy, mouse pad, easy pulled have, PVC packaging bags, PVC into oil, into water products, card card strap, card sets, electronic products supporting strap, camera with series, drops rubber, tram, silk printing, various promotions products, publicity gifts. Making different designs according to customer demand LOGO samples gratis! welcome to inquire order.Products can be

To hang mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic/communication/series products support strap. Also produces mobile phone peripheral gift lanyards, stylish suspenders, wrist band, ID strap, MP3/MP4 harness, pet harness, climbing harness, buckle strap and so on related promotional gift product presentation of strapless print and production.

Products widely for electronic/communications/digital/IT, products supporting hanging rope professional production various phone rope, phone hanging chain, phone hanging rope, hanging rope, various advertising rope, products used quality nylon material, by mill resistance wash, easily dirty, not fade, not up Mouser ball, feel good, skin easy adapted, style generous, manual fine, products thick, can anti-radiation, can effective protection electronic products role. Affordable and provide you with a free sample! is the vast number of companies, the preferred suppliers of the factory. Product size and color can be customized, all mobile phone string can be screen printing, offset printing, sublimation, embroidery, hot pressed LOGO pattern. Our ' customer first, credit first ' philosophy, with high yield and good quality services for customers, we sincerely welcome your inquiries