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SAST / Yushchenko | S-85 13 inch theater machine singing the old 7-definition video player elderly Square Dance jump

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SAST / Yushchenko S-85
  • Brand: SAST / Yushchenko
  • Model: S-85
  • Color Classification: Slim HD DVD version of [the king of high-end steel screen + remote control] Standard Edition (play 1-2 hours) without steel screen without charger upgraded version (play 4-5 hours) steel screen + remote upgrade version (Play 4 5 hours) steel screen + 8G package + remote upgrade (play 4-5 hours) steel panel + 16G package + remote high version (play 8-10 hours) eye screen high version + remote control (play 8-10 hours) eye + 8G package + remote screen high version (play 8-10 hours) + 16G spree eye screen remote control slim HD DVD version of [the king of high-end steel screen, send 8G card packs slim HD DVD] [king Edition high-end steel screen, send 16G card packs]