Silicone bracelet, 100% green silicone wristbands

Silicone bracelet, 100% green silicone wristbands

Product description:

Category: bracelet Model: 100409 Shape: Round
Material: silicone

Product Name : silicone wrist band, also known as silicone wristbands, silicone bracelets, silicone wrist ring, silicone strap, lucky bracelet .

. Forms : Braille, concave word, screen printing, color mixing, coloring, segmented color, color diversity : spiral colored, luminous, thermal, photographic wide range : can be customized according to customer size, font and pattern design; self- wear , give as gifts can be, affordable and beautiful.

Silicone wrist hot, because the material environment, coupled with the appearance of the soft generous concise, color styles, welcomed by the market, silicone bracelet is deeply adolescents, especially in schools with students on campus are not whipped up a little pop culture, was also commonly known as lucky bracelet .