Supply of non-woven bags advertising

Supply of non-woven bags advertising

Product description:

Printing Products: Bag Printing materials: non-woven Printing processes: screen printing, thermal transfer
Whether printed logo: is The main printing equipment: printing press to go

Professional printing various strap lanyard variety of gift bags bags bags bags - is an effective method to reduce the use of plastic bags, the official name of the bags of: Environmental protection bag, green bag system in Australia is called nowadays the most talked about bags It is a new non-woven material (non-woven) from the production, such as we use every day in the supermarket area, to replace the traditional paper or plastic bags, suitable for all walks of life. bags more durable than traditional paper or plastic bags, can bear a different weight, and more make the earth greener. polypropylene resin as the main raw material, easy to break down nature.

We should use practical actions to meet environmental protection Reducing packaging waste is that we can do and can do you a little a part to play, it is enough to make our environment has become cleaner and more beautiful.

Earth's environment, green Earth, depends on your a part to play! Let us sincerely to you say 'Thank you'!

Another bags mean:

TDP use of environmentally friendly additive, is now available in the market so that the plastic completely break down really effective technologies, green plastic products can be in the role of sunlight, heat or tension, begin to decompose, can through different programs or products need to make products in the heap Fill area, buried under the soil, at the disposal or under 衼 to completely decomposed compost environment.

Green plastic bags, good looks, but also retains the advantages of traditional plastic: strong, durable, flexible nature of these plastic bags buried after, become fragmented, through microbes and decomposition, soon be transformed into water and Carbon dioxide, in the end the whole life cycle does not leave any harmful substances remaining, completely solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the existing plastic products .