Sell hand-pull rope

Sell hand-pull rope

Product description:

Brand: new technology Style: Unisex Rope material: polyester
Rope material: plastic buckles Print LOGO: Whether providing customized processing: Yes

Company according to the customer demand as customers needed to design tailor-made rope, sling related products, products rich in color, are fashionable, low prices, fast shipping.

Products are widely used in electronic/communication/cyber/IT products supporting lanyard is specializing in the production of the new Ribbon, woven wire and PVC plastics as raw materials in all kinds of work harnesses, lanyards, cell phone, camera lanyard, hand-rolled band, key accessories harnesses, pet, phone line, mobile lightning flash accessories, USB removable flash drive (USB flash drive) harnesses. Companies can also custom design according to customer demand, tailor-made desired product. Specializing in the production of MP3 lanyard, USB lanyards, cell phone lanyards, advertising straps, fashion lamp ornaments, fashion phone jewelry bags, leather straps, leather straps, metal chains, PVC, POLY, PP, nylon rope.) Ribbon. Strap products: all kinds of brand mobile phone straps. Mobile phone accessories. MP3 player straps u-strap camera strap with an intercom. Various types of electronic products and toys strap; Various brands show documents straps and laces pets or sample making to order according to customer requirements. Straps, hand-rolled band, thermal transfer tape is a new fashion product, the material consists of nylon, POLY, PP, PVC, computer woven jacquard, a metal chain, leather, imitation leather, reflective Ribbon, and so on. In addition to metal bead chain, other materials can be printed corporate LOGO logo, and different accessories and Assembly methods, publicity, and promotional purposes. Mobile phone, license plates, key ring the best partner. Nice, long or short, nontoxic, burglar robbery, by the favor of customers at home and abroad. According to different customer needs, design and manufacture many styles, diverse fashion lanyards!

The unit produces lanyard mobile phone with better quality print high legible color fastness. Factory to undertake all types of Ribbon color multi-color screen printing business, as well as a variety of high difficulty.

Variety fashionable and comfortable texture. Products comply with international safety and quality standards are exported to foreign countries