Supply of flannel bags | MP3 flannel bags

Supply of flannel bags | MP3 flannel bags

Product description:

Whether to provide custom processing: Yes Printed LOGO: can Process: stamping (hot silver), screen printing, thermal transfer, screen printing
Fabric material: velvet Uses: Gift Bag

Flannel bags has many excellent features water resistant, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich colors and so on.

Specializing in the production of various sling strap can be customized according to your requirements

Our products are widely used in electronic / communications / digital / IT and other products supporting lanyard specializing in the production of ribbon, woven rope and PVC plastics as raw material with a variety of work card harnesses, straps, mobile phone with camera strap, Hand Strap, key accessories harnesses, pet belt, cell phone rope, phone lightning flash accessories, USB mobile flash (USB) Sling company also can custom design according to customer demand, tailor-made products required specialized in producing MP3 lanyard, USB hang rope, mobile phone lanyard, advertising suspenders, fashion flashing ornaments, fashion jewelry mobile phone bags, leather straps, leather straps, metal chain, all kinds of PVC, POLY, PP, nylon rope). Ribbon. Sling Products They are: all kinds of brand mobile phone lanyards phone accessories U disk MP3 player sling strap camera strap with walkie-talkies and other electronic products and toys harness; all kinds of brand exhibition documents tape and shoelaces with pets can also according to customer requirements, or... build model. harnesses, hand Wan belt, thermal transfer sling is a new fashion products, materials are divided into nylon, POLY, PP, PVC, computer woven label, jacquard, metal chain, leather, leather, reflective ribbon, etc. In addition to metal beads, other materials can be printed corporate LOGO logo, and in different parts and assembly methods, play a publicity promotional purposes. is a mobile phone, brand card, keychain best companion. nice, short or long , non-toxic, anti-theft snatches, by domestic and foreign consumers of all ages, according to customer needs, design and manufacture many styles, diverse fashion lanyard!

The unit production lanyard cell phone with good quality printing legible color fastness is higher. Our undertaking all kinds of ribbon and a variety of difficult monochrome multicolor screen printing business.

The full range fashionable and comfortable texture. Products comply with international safety and quality standards are exported to foreign countries more new jewelry factory specializes in all kinds of mobile phone lanyards, badge lanyards, brand tape, pvc sling, mp3 strap, camera strap, headphones lanyard, strap, and other mobile phone ornaments, specializing in printing and production Ribbon Ribbon, mobile phone straps, harnesses, work card hanging belt, cotton belt, PVC belt, all kinds of PP rope belt Teduo Long cotton laces with elastic band nylon belt.
Main: cell phone lanyards, badge lanyards, brand tape, pvc sling, mp3 strap, camera strap, earphone lanyard, ribbon printing and production Ribbon, mobile phone straps, harnesses, work card hanging belt, cotton belt , PVC belt.
In the 'customer first, the first letter. Etc. quality, to the best quality with the fastest production output to meet the majority of customer inquiries. Our standard of the production process, adhere Seiko secret agents, quality first, the integrity of This mutually beneficial business philosophy, adhere to: quality of survival, the credibility of the purpose of service development, strive to service our customers, create brilliant.


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