Silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands

Product description:

Brands : New technology more Category: bracelets, bracelet Style : Unisex
Material: silicone Style: Ruili ( or magazine article ) Modeling : geometry type
Packaging : Bulk Occasions for gifts : Advertising and promotion, business gifts, travel memorial, fairs, the anniversary celebration, opening ceremony Printed LOGO: can
Whether to provide custom processing : Yes

1. Using high-quality imported materials made ​​of silicone, and market other ordinary silicone case ( sticky, pungent odor ) is different, especially the use of silica dust
Production, soft, feel good, they can be washed .

2. light weight, good slip resistance, good transparency .

3. Has strong resistance to abrasion, contact with various contact surface, with strong adhesion, even in the face of increasing inclination angle, not slide .

4. Can be repeatedly cleaned, forever look bright as new.

5. Using silicone material by precision machining, can be imprinted silk screen LOGO