Supply PVC phone lanyards

Supply PVC phone lanyards

Product description:

Brand: New more Style: Unisex Rope Material: PVC
Stopper material: metal buckle Packaging: Bulk Printed LOGO: can

Specializing in the production of various types of mobile phone lanyard lanyards Strap Color rich in style favored by a lot of high quality excellent price all walks of life can be customized for the kind welcome customized according to customer requirements or template

The company is a lanyard / strap series products and peripheral accessories mainly to mobile phone accessories / rope accessories / lanyard (Sling) Headphones series, supplemented, set design, production and sales as one of the modern enterprise. The products widely used in MP3, MP4, U disk, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic / communications / digital products supporting the core phone rope;. lanyard / strap; Ribbon Ornament rope; MP3 / U disk lanyard; easy to pull buckle / retractable buckle ; easy to draw; mobile phone holder; phone accessories; MP3 / phone bags; zipper tape; earphone / headphone harness; flash lanyard; leather lanyard; metal chain; Show Badge Holder; documents tape; Epoxy / Tram / silk / processing; PVC plastic card; promotional gifts; PVC / PU jewelry series;

Our products are widely used in electronic / communications / digital / IT and other products supporting lanyard