Supply of thermal transfer straps, good quality affordable

Supply of thermal transfer straps, good quality affordable

Product description:

Brand: New more Style: Unisex Rope Material: Polyester
Stopper material: metal buckle Packaging: Bulk Printed LOGO: can

Lanyards can be used to hang their favorite items are also used for other promotional products can be used to urge broad gifting Electronics Show brands and business units work card hanging belt lanyard products fashionable color styles can be customized according to the customer's own needs custom retractable buckle MOQ low quality assurance shipped on time welcomed the consultation; Company gifts, gifts, promotional items of choice for. Fashionable before a large equipped with mobile phones, ID cards can be used for various exhibitions and production
Promotional products. Can produce different materials according to customer needs, lanyard different colors and uses.
And the production of different patterns LOGO

Professional printing production of various phone cord, wrist rope, harness straps, product fashionable, durable and affordable, suitable for hanging with electronic / digital / MP3 / MP4, all kinds of documents, fashion gifts and other products harness. High quality excellent price Welcome to sample the stator.

The company is a lanyard / strap series products and peripheral accessories mainly to mobile phone accessories / rope accessories / lanyard (Sling) Headphones series, supplemented, set design, production and sales as one of the modern enterprise. The products widely used in MP3, MP4, U disk, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic / communications / digital products supporting the core phone rope;. lanyard / strap; Ribbon Ornament rope; MP3 / U disk lanyard; easy to pull buckle / retractable buckle ; easy to draw; mobile phone holder; phone accessories; MP3 / phone bags; zipper tape; earphone / headphone harness; flash lanyard; leather lanyard; metal chain; Show Badge Holder; documents tape; Epoxy / Tram / silk / processing; PVC plastic card; promotional gifts; PVC / PU jewelry series