Supply of plastic spring rope, non-toxic products and practical

Supply of plastic spring rope, non-toxic products and practical

Product description:

Brand: New more Key Accessories Category: key chain (rope) Packaging: Bulk

The more jewelry factory specializing in the production of new PVC soft trademarks, cell phone rope, wiping the phone, zipper lanyard, spring rope, key chain, mobile phone ornaments, documents linked, with the phone, luggage tag, refrigerator, mobile phone holder, photo frame, hand Wan and other advertising gifts, promotional items, gifts, etc., and zinc alloy telescopic deduction Companies 'quality-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win' for the purpose of ensuring the provision of high-quality products, continue to recommend new products With its high quality and trendy fashion products have the favor of consumers.

Products can be used to hang the electronic / communications / digital products supporting harness mobile phones, cameras, etc. also produce mobile phone accessories gifts special lanyards, various fashion lanyards, wrist band, documents tape, MP3 / MP4 harnesses, pet harness, climbing harness and easy to pull buckle straps, etc. related promotional products gift gift lanyards printing and production.

Our products are widely used in electronic / communications / digital / IT and other products supporting lanyard specializing in the production of various mobile phone rope, mobile phone lanyards, mobile phone lanyard, lanyard rope and other advertising products using high-quality nylon material, the mill wash, easy to dirty, do not fade, can not afford ball hairs, feel good, skin easily adaptable, generous style, fine workmanship, the product thick, can radiation, can effectively protect electronic products effect. Affordable and do provide you with free samples! is the majority companies, factories preferred suppliers. Product size, color can be customized, all phone rope can be screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer, embroidered words, hot pressure of various LOGO pattern. We have the spirit 'customer first, the credibility of the first' business philosophy, in an efficient production and excellent quality customer service, sincerely welcome your inquiries