FZ40 (35) -11 textile axial fan

FZ40 (35) -11 textile axial fan

Product description:

FZ40 (35) -11 textile axial fan product performance and technical parameters

use : Suitable for textile air-conditioned room can also be used for other non-corrosive gas facility ventilation and ventilation place.
structure : This series fan mainly by the impeller, chassis, set the wind, a damper, diffusion tube consists of the motor impeller directly driven in part by the rotation of the impeller hub, blades, bushings, tile, cover, housing and so on... blade fixed to the cover by coupling two tiles, loose tiles as long as two screws, you can adjust the angle of the blades, impeller fixed taper sleeve is fixed, so the impeller installation and removal is very convenient.
Installation and maintenance: Users of the new purchase of fans, just the size of the embedded base foot bolt until the fan safety nut washer into the rear fastening to the requirements of basic formation, does not allow the existence of an axis tilt simultaneously according to Size fan inlet installation of water pipes, to be installed on the fan base plane connected to water, water supply systems require access to floating meter, so the amount of water can be adjusted. Installing C-type driven fan, it should be based in the Triangle piercing position open belt drive hole on the current collector. When servicing, you should first remove the water component, and then remove the disk axis at a waterproof cover and then remove the impeller.

FZ40 (35) -11 textile axial fan main performance parameters

Machine No. Speed ​​r / min Total pressure Pa Flow m3/s Power KW Motor type
81500147-3193.11-5.282.2 Y100L1-4
81500177-3734.44-6.943 Y100L2-4
81500245-4365-7.54 Y112M-4
8100066-1942.08-5.031.1 Y90L-6
91500186-3735-6.943 Y100L2-4
91500196-4325.56-8.474 Y112M-4
91500220-5056.94-11.115.5 Y132S-4
91500309-5447.78-12.227.5 Y132M-4
9100082-1913.36-5.671.1 Y90L-6
9100097-1984.67-6.611.5 Y100L-6
91000109-2415.22-7.442.2 Y112M-6
101500232-4716.94-9.865.5 Y132S-4
101500255-5397.78-11.947.5 Y132M-4
101500275-6378.75-15.5611 Y160M-4
101500353-68611.11-17.515 Y160L-4
101000103-2395.22-82.2 Y112M-6
101000122-2612.86-9.33 Y132S-6
101000141-3056.61-11.724 Y132M1-6
11.21000134-2686.39-8.893 Y132S-6
11.21000158-2878.06-10.564 Y132M1-6
11.21000158-3388.89-14.175.5 Y132M2-6
11.21000221-37011.11-15.567.5 Y160M-6
11.275076-1904.81-10.642.2 Y132S-8
11.2750125-2088.33-11.673 Y132M-8
141000208-45617.5-20.9711 Y160L-6
141000245-49517.5-2515 Y180L-6
141000284-52819.72-27.7818.5 Y200L1-6
141000319-59320.97-30.5622 Y200L2-6
14750117-2379.39-13.144 Y160M1-8
14750138-27911.67-18.755.5 Y160M2-8
14750160-29714.81-20.837.5 Y160L-8
14750179-33315.72-22.9211 Y180L-8
161000265-52517.5-2515 Y180L-6
161000309-59819.72-29.4422 Y200L2-6
161000309-71122.22-38.8930 Y225M-6
161000471-73631.11-41.6737 Y250M-6
16750149-29513.13-18.757.5 Y160L-8
16750174-37614.81-22.0811 Y180L-8
16750207-41418.75-29.1715 Y200L-8
181000360-64031.11-45.8330 Y225M-6
181000400-67536.11-52.7837 Y250M-6
181000442-69044.44-58.8945 Y280S-6
181000475-74047.22-65.8355 Y280M-6
18750202-36023.33-34.3915 Y200L-8
18750226-38027.08-39.5818.5 Y225S-8
18750249-41733.33-44.1722 Y225M-8
18750326-42533.33-49.3930 Y250M-8
201000265-48539.58-52.2230 Y225M-6
201000292-51536.11-59.7237 Y250M-6
201000310-53044.44-69.4445 Y280S-6
201000370-54052.78-81.1155 Y280M-6
20750149-28927.08-52.0815 Y200L-8
20750175-29839.58-60.8318.5 Y225S-8
20750208-30446.67-65.6422 Y225M-8
20750214-31552.08-7530 Y250M-8
201000450-66538.89-55.5645 Y280S-6
201000385-68550-69.4455 Y280M-6
20750253-37429.17-41.6718.5 Y225S-8
20750217-38537.5-52.0822 Y225M-8
20750253-42241.67-65.6430 Y250M-8
20750289-44452.08-73.9737 Y280S-8