BZF proof axial fans ( ducted, fixed)

BZF proof axial fans ( ducted, fixed)

Product description:

This series of products are suitable for Class Ⅱ A, class B T4 group and below the level of explosive gas mixtures ( Zone 1 and Zone 2 ) places as factories, warehouses or strengthening heating ventilation cooling purposes of this series of products work conditions: AC 50Hz, voltage 220V / 380V, no heavy corrosion and significant dust place, explosion-proof performance in line with GB3836.1-2000 ( explosive gas atmospheres General requirements for electrical equipment part 1 ) and GB3836.2-2000 ( explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment - Part 2 flameproof 'd') regulations, proof mark : EvxdⅡBT4.

This series of products by the explosion-proof motor, blades, hair dryer and other components, blades made ​​of aluminum alloy die casting, steel sheet and profile processing duct welded steel power lead guide wires and cables can fill line, outside the shell grounding screw.

BZF main technical parameters of explosion-proof axial fan

product number

Impeller diameter



Explosion-proof mark Protection class Inlet
Thread (G)
Cable diameter
BZF51-3003000.183000220/380 Evxd Ⅱ BT4 IP553/410-14