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Y5-47 Boiler Fan

Y5-47 Boiler Fan
  • Y5-47 Boiler Fan
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Y5-47 Boiler Fan Performance
The fans there are seven kinds of machine number (4C-12.4D)
1-20 t / h industrial boiler induced draft, the maximum efficiency of 90.5%, the maximum temperature does not exceed 250 ℃.
The fan itself has high strength and wear resistance and long service life .
Performance parameters:
Traffic Q: 45-1255.5m3 / mm
Total pressure P: 990-3854Pa
Power N: 3-90KW
Y5-47 Boiler Fan Performance Parameters
Machine No. Speed ​​r / min Total pressure (Pa) Flow (m3/h) Power (KW) Motor type
4C2900990-14512750-50603 Y100L-2
4C33001285-18733130-57504 Y112M-2
5C29001549-22655360-98707.5 Y132S2-2
5C29201265-18444840-89005.5 Y132S1-2
6C285031489110-1020015 Y160M2-2
6C28502148-314811300-1676018.5 Y160L-2
6C26201824-26588370-1541015 Y160M2-2
8C1820253013780-1543018.5 Y180M-4
8C18201726-250117080-2536022 Y180L-4
8C19802050-299115000-2760030 Y200L-4
9C17402001-292218780-3455037 Y225S-4
9C18202903-319719640-2907037 Y225S-4
9C18202187-273631420-3614045 Y225M-4
12D14502471-360937100-6825075 Y280S-4
12.4D14502638-385440940-7533090 Y280M-4