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GD30 axial fan

GD30 axial fan
  • GD30 axial fan
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GD30 axial fan Features:
Part of the coupling GD30K2-12 type axial flow fan can be used as pipe in the middle of the pipe, used in chemical, paper and other factories of air transport of 60 degrees or less and a variety of motor harmful gases.
The fan impeller diameter divided by its NO 678910 number five machines. Blades have four, six two. Blade angles can be made 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees four. Motors installed Hair Dryers upper adjustable motor base plate supporting the motor, and can adjust the center distance. V-belt drives used in all bearing box fixed in the central duct sealed protective cylinder and the dielectric isolation.
This type of fan is generally made using steel welding, can request special production in the order if the delivery corrosive, flammable gas.
GD30 axial fan performance parameters
Machine No.
Speed ​​(r / min) Total pressure (Pa) Flow (m3/h) Power (KW) Motor type
Quantity Angle (degrees)
6415-2014501677200-95001.1 Y90S-4
6425-301450177-18511300-131502.2 Y100L1-4
6415-3596074-814800-87000.75 Y90S-6
7415-20145022611500-141002.2 Y100L1-4
7425-301450235-24518000-209004 Y112M-4
7415-3096093-1037650-199001.1 Y90L-6
8415-20145029417300-220005.5 Y132S-4
8425-301450314-32427000-313007.5 Y132M-4
8415-2096012811400-149001.5 Y100L-6
8425-30960137-14517800-206002.2 Y112M-6
9415-2096015716200-212002.2 Y112M-6
9425-30960177-18323200-293004 Y132M1-6
10415-2096020622600-297004 Y132M1-6
10425-30960226-23535400-410007.5 Y160M-6
6615-201450186-2067800-97001.1 Y90S-4
6625-301450216-23512000-140002.2 Y100L1-4
6615-3096078-1045170-92700.75 Y90S-6
7615-201450255-28412500-150002.2 Y100L1-4
7625-301450304-31419000-225004 Y112M-4
7615-30960103-1378270-149001.1 Y90L-6
8615-201450334-3731810-226505.5 Y132S-4
8625-301450392-41227900-332007.5 Y132M-4
8615-20960147-15712000-150001.5 Y100L-6
8625-30960167-17718500-220002.2 Y112M-6
9615-20960186-20617500-215002.2 Y112M-6
9625-30960216-23526800-320004 Y132M1-6
10615-20960226-25524000-300004 Y132M1-6
10625-30960275-28436000-430007.5 Y160M-6