GY4-68 Type Boiler Fan

GY4-68 Type Boiler Fan

Product description:

GY4-68 Type Boiler Fan product performance and technical parameters First, use
GY4-68 boiler centrifugal pass.
Induced draft fan It is suitable for power plant 230T / h steam boiler pass less, Fan series. In no other special requirements, G4-68 type can be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation.
Fan conveying medium is air, the maximum temperature should not exceed 80 ℃; medium induced draft fan for transporting gas, the maximum temperature not exceeding 250 ℃.
Before the induced draft fan, dust removal efficiency shall be installed not less than 85% of the dust removal device into the fan to reduce the amount of dust in the flue gas in order to improve fan life.
Two, GY4-68 Boiler Fan performance parameters
Performance parameters provided in the table. Fan performance by the gas temperature is 20 ℃, atmospheric pressure is 101325Pa, gas density of 1.2kg / m 3 Air media computing; induced draft fan performance by the gas temperature is 200 ℃, atmospheric pressure is 101325Pa, gas density of 0.745kg / m 3 Fumes media computing.

G4-68 boiler blower performance parameters

product number Speed ​​r / min No. Total pressure Pa Traffic m3/ h Electric machine
model Power kW
G4-68 № 8D145012178~148116985~30134 Y180M-418.5
G4-68 № 9D145012757~187424183~42906 Y200L-430
96011207~82416011~28407 Y160L-611
G4-68 № 10D145013404~231533173~58856 Y250M-455
96011491~101021963~38966 Y180L-615
7301863~58916701~29631 Y160L-87.5
G4-68 №11.2D145014277~290446606~82688 Y280M-490
96011874~127530856~54745 Y225M-630
73011079~73623464~41629 Y180L-811
G4-68 №12.5D145015327~362064791~114952 Y315L1-4160
96012335~158942896~76106 Y280S-645
73011354~91232619~57872 Y225M-822
G4-68 № 14D145016681~632791027~114518 Y355M2-4250
26023~4532126263~161499 Y355L2-4315
96012923~277660266~75819 Y315S-675
22639~199183595~106924 Y315M1-690
73011697~114845827~81307 Y280S-837
G4-68 № 16D96013826~260089960~159606 Y355M1-6160
73012207~150168407~121367 Y315M1-875
58011393~95254351~96429 Y315S-1045

Y4-68 Boiler Fan performance parameters

product number Speed ​​r / min No. Total pressure Pa Traffic m3/h Electric machine
model Power kW
Y4-68 № 8D145011540~105915889~29038 Y160L-415
Y4-68 № 9D145011952~184422623~28864 Y180L-422
21756~134431984~41345 Y200L-430
9601853~58914978~27374 Y160M-67.5
Y4-68 № 10D145012413~165831033~56715 Y225M-445
96011059~72620546~37549 Y180L-615
7301608~42215623~28553 Y160M2-85.5
Y4-68 №11.2D145013021~208043599~79681 Y250S-475
96011324~91228866~52754 Y200L2-622
7301765~53021950~40115 Y180L-811
Y4-68 №12.5D145013767~356160611~77331 Y315S-4110
23394~259085692~110772 Y315M-4132
96011648~113840129~73339 Y250M-637
7301952~65730515~55768 Y225S-818.5
Y4-68 № 14D145014728~324785154~155627 Y355M2-4250
96012070~142256378~103036 Y315S-675
73011197~82442871~78350 Y250M-830
Y4-68 № 16D96012708~256084156~107372 Y315L1-6110
22433~1854118979~153803 Y315L2-6132
73011560~107963994~116954 Y315S-855
5801991~67750844~92922 Y315S-1045