Cylinder rotary kiln furnace cooling fan

Cylinder rotary kiln furnace cooling fan

Product description:

Brief introduction

Cylinder rotary kiln furnace cooling fan, cement rotary kiln shell is dedicated axial fan cooling by car, bracket, fan, direction regulating means, hair dryer, nozzle constituting mainly used in the cement industry kiln shell body when burned cement clinker kiln to cool the body, it can be used for cooling other rotary kiln, this fan for the movable air-cooled devices.

Fans can either move freely and to be placed on a good paved track. To play for the cylinder uniform and good cooling effect by adjusting the angle of running either hair, generally, require 10 or more.

Power requirements for the three-phase AC fans, 380V / 440v / 460v, 50HZ / 60hz. With a special rack or a mobile cable power lines.

Before the operation, check all joints are tightened, remove foreign body within the flow channel. Turn the fan impeller should not
There collision phenomenon hair medium temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, the dust content of no more than 150mg / m3, no more than 1mm in diameter debris, no explosive and corrosive, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the fan. Products such as during use found to be normal, to be immediately repaired. In addition, the internal fan to regularly remove fouling, dirt and other impurities.

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