Puffed rice powder

Puffed rice powder

Product description:

Guangzhou wins special health food Ltd.

Guangzhou Yingte Healthcare Food Co., Ltd

Guangzhou wins special health food Ltd. is approved by the Guangdong Provincial Health Department coarse grain powder, nutrition premix, solid beverages, convenience foods production-oriented enterprises. Factories have multiple advanced extruder, three-dimensional mixer, grinder and microwave drying sterilization production line, filling machines, packaging machines, coding machine, shrink film machines and other equipment through professional formula, scientific production technology, good hygiene control, so that the enterprise products have been a number of large domestic and foreign health food enterprises to recognize and procurement.
Win special company will wholeheartedly for the majority of health care products, food, dairy products, the company offers high-quality nutritional ingredients and high level of technical services, and on this basis, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand. Sincerely hope that with domestic and foreign businesses grow, and establish a good partnership together to improve the nutritional level of the residents of China's overall contribution

Supply all kinds of whole grains class curing powder, delicate taste lubrication, high water solubility, good stability, long shelf life. Maximize stimulate food taste qualities, imbued with the pure flavor of food product quality exceeded national standards.

Products can be widely used in pearl milk tea, muesli, nutrition rice noodles, instant porridge, reconstituted foods, snack foods, breads, pastries, ice cream, cookies, candy food, health care products, dairy products, cereal milk, flavored milk, dairy products , nutritious food, seasoning food, solid beverage, flavor carrier, baby food, pasta, pharmaceutical plastic Xiang carriers and other products.

A product, without any additives. Quality raw materials + mature technology = high quality products.

Also produce subtle complex vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Convenient feeding, solid beverage processing and development

Company: Guangzhou wins special health food Ltd.

Address: 510545 Sands Road Zhongluotan Jinpen village Baiyun District of Guangzhou City 2

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Coarse grains Categories

A raw powder, cooked powder (Nature)

B 20 到 200 mesh particles (fineness) specified by the customer

C water ≤7%, ≤5% (moisture, microbial indicators) specified by the customer

10 meters: brown rice flour; barley flour; black fragrant rice; rice flour; glutinous rice powder; millet; red rice; corn flour; yellow rice; purple rice

10 beans: mung bean powder; red bean powder; red bean powder; soybean meal; black soybean meal; pea powder; Bai Yun bean flour; white beans powder

12 Wheat: Wheat germ powder; wheat bran flour; bitter sweet buckwheat; wheat flour; barley flour; whole wheat flour; oat flour; blood flour; red Baigao Liang flour; barley flour

10 Oil: black and white sesame powder; flaxseed; peanut powder; peanut protein powder; walnut powder; almond powder; pumpkin powder; sunflower meal; pistachio powder

7 grains: sweet potato powder; purple flour; chestnut flour; pumpkin powder; fungus powder; kelp seaweed powder; jujube powder

6 food and medicine: Mountain powder; Poria powder; Gorgon powder; Lily flour; red Bailian powder; wolfberry powder


1, solid beverage, nutritious meals and other convenience food development and processing

2, vitamin; Nutrition Technology complex and production of minerals; processing

3, the raw material powder of coarse grains sales

4. Other food OEM OEM

5, food standards declaration; record; machining