Shelf DPC1800 * 1800 single stage hammer crusher

Shelf DPC1800 * 1800 single stage hammer crusher

Product description:

Custom processing: It is Types of: Hammer Crusher
Brand: Haicheng Machinery model: DPC1818
Application: Widely used in building materials; mining; metallurgy; chemical industry Feeding size: 1000 * 1000 * 1000 (mm)
The particle size: ≤25 (≥90%) (mm) Production capacity: 300-350 (kg / h)
Power consumption: 560 (kw) weight: 67500 (kg)
Motor power: 560KW Smash Level: Broken machine
Drive mode: Motor drive The maximum feed size: 3000
Target: Stone

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DPC single stage hammer crusher crusher rotor size because the design is reasonable, appropriate body makes equipment such as cranes, feeder selection smaller size, thus saving investment in equipment and infrastructure investment throughout the system. Therefore, as long as the ore The physical properties of the appropriate selection of DPC single stage hammer crusher as large mining crushing equipment is relatively economical and reliable solution.

I produced this single-stage crusher has a feed size, crushing ratio features, can be broken into chunks of time in line with the original ore into the mill's size, so the past need to produce multi-segment broken simplified to a broken system, Compared with the traditional two-stage crushing system, which can save time investment of 45%, 32.5% weight reduction workshop equipment, ore crushing costs by 40%, simple operation; easy maintenance; improve the labor intensity.

DPC series single stage hammer crusher is mainly composed of rotor bearing unit, discharging grate, bearing strike plate, the housing and the drive section and other components This is an overhead strike type hammer crusher; mainly by hammer crusher head in the cavity of a strong blow ore; ore collision impact on the counterattack liner between leaving and ore ore ore crushing by heavy feeding equipment (such as variable speed apron feeder) fed broken. After the machine feed, by hammer blow was initially broken early break in the downward movement of the material after the process between the rotor and the bearing plate subjected to further crushing blow again, and then split bearing strike plate, respectively, into two mutually symmetrical discharge zone, the last under the crushing chamber and the rotor is formed by a grate broken until the final particle size less than the size of the grate seam from the lower machine chamber discharge.

  • Enhanced rotor - the world's leading finite element analysis techniques to optimize the key parts of the rotor design to make it more perfect and durable;
  • Hardfacing using world-class technology - using WHM two-step super hard surface cladding technology, increased by 2 times compared with conventional welding electrode wear life more;
  • AMC composite materials using hammer with the international advanced level, increased life expectancy than 50-150% quality Mn18Cr2MoNbRe;
  • Using our unique patented technology 'stone at stone' crushing chamber so the transformation of materials has increased substantially since the break; effectively reduce the hammer; grate plate wear load;
  • Military high strength artillery steel spindle vacuum double refining intensity surplus 4-5 times;
  • The new grate slab optimized design, the material smooth, fine grain size, uniformity, stability and long lifetime grate plate.

DPC single-stage crusher for (150MPa compressive crushing Limestone; marl; sandstone; shale; gypsum; coal And other raw materials, can be chunks of ore stope once broken into the mill needed to size, which can replace the traditional two-stage crushing, simplify the process, save infrastructure investment and production costs.

The main application areas: cement production crusher, large aggregate production and other projects.


Rotor size (mm * mm)

Processing capacity (t / h)

Number hammer

Inlet (r / min)

Feed size (mm)

The particle size (mm)


Power (kw)


Weight (t)

DPC 1818









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