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Huawei smart bracelet b2 TalkBand Huawei b2 bracelet watch Bluetooth mobile phone Andrews IOS step

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Features: Photo smart reminder sleep monitoring social entertainment Bluetooth call timer remote self-timer waterproof
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Product Name: B2
  • PU sports strap and so on to choose a black 'sports version' Genius + SF + air + leather to send / PU sports watch, and so choose a golden color 'Business Edition' Genius + SF + air + leather / PU sports strap and so choose a silver 'Business Edition' Genius + SF + air + leather / PU sports strap and so choose a black 'Business Edition' Genius + SF + air + leather / PU sports watchband and so choose one
  • Applies to: android platform Apple iOS platform
  • Wireless distance: 10m and above

Business Edition wrist strap for the European calf, sports version of the wrist strap for the sensitive TPU material.

Features: metal body technology, exquisite strap design, built-in 6-axis sensor intelligent identification of movement, sleep monitoring, remote camera, hand ring unlock, Bluetooth headset and smart bracelet the perfect combination.

The picture is for reference only Specific appearance, function to prevail in kind

packing list: Huawei hand ring B2 x 1, USB data cable x 1, Quick start x 1, Safety information x 1

Brand Huawei (HUAWEI)

Model B2

Category Smart bracelet matching

System Android 4.0 and above; iOS 7.0 and above

Material 7 metal materials
Screen OLED touch screen

Sleep function; Bluetooth communication; simultaneous connection of two mobile phones; calorie calculation; moving target setting; activities to remind; intelligent alarm clock; time display

Battery capacity 90mAh

Bluetooth BT3.0

Press 2 wristbands

Support mode for motion / sleep mode

Transmission range of about 10m

While supporting two mobile phone support

Charging Interface Micro USB charging interface

Theoretical work time is about 5 days

Theoretical talk time of about 6 hours

The theoretical standby time is about 12 days

Theoretical charging time of about 1.5 hours

Running memory (RAM) 96KB

Body memory (ROM) 16Mb Flash (Bluetooth), 512KB Flash (Microprocessor)

Microphone dual microphone

IP57 IP57

Dustproof and Waterproof Sensors Six Axis Sensors (Acceleration and Gyro Sensors)

Climbing Ladder Recognition The climb ladder recognition function is implemented by an online upgrade

Dimension 205 mm x 20.6 mm x 11.9 mm

Weight about 40g (including headphones)

Screen size 0.73 inch screen

Pixels 128 x 88 pixels