Wholesale waterproof switch power supply 12V 100wLED constant-pressure water supply | Outdoor led Streetlight driver

Wholesale waterproof switch power supply 12V 100wLED constant-pressure water supply | Outdoor led Streetlight driver

Product description:

Input voltage: 170~264VAC (V) Output voltage: 12 (V)
Voltage regulation: ±10 (%) Load regulation: ±1 (%)
Output power: 100 (W) Output ripple and noise: 100mVp-p
Type: AC/DC power supply Transistor connector: Full-bridge
Efficiency: 82 (%) Model: LPV-100-12
Output voltage accuracy: ±1 (%) Brand: Nine invasive
Modulation mode: Pulse-width modulation (PWM) Product certification: CE
Properties: Property value

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This product features:

• Small size; Light weight; High efficiency
• Constant voltage mode power supply

• Small size; Light weight; High efficiency
• Protection: short circuit/overload/overtemperature and overvoltage
• 100% full-load burning test

• Waterproof to IP67
Detailed parameters:
• Dimensions 180*69*43

• Input

Voltage range: 170~264VAC 47~63Hz, 235~373vDC
AC input current: 1.2 A/230VAC

Inrush current: cold start current 35A/230VAC

Leakage current: (2.5mA/240VAC

• Output

DC output voltage: 12 V

Rated output current: 8.5A

Output power: 102 W

Output voltage tolerance: ± 1%

Start; Increased; Hold time: 800ms; 30ms; 24ms/ 230VAC

• Efficiency of 82%

• Protect

Overload protection: rated output power of 105%~135% starting overload protection

Protection: hiccup mode, abnormal load conditions removed automatically after restore

Over temperature protection: housing start temperature ≥ 85 ° c over-temperature protection

Protection: shutdown the output when the temperature returns to normal automatic recovery

Over voltage protection: 15.8-18.8 v

Protection: hiccup protection, load exception conditions removed automatically after restore

Operating temperature and humidity:-10 ℃ ~ + 60℃; 20%~90%RH (please refer to the load balance curve)

Storage temperature and humidity:-20 ¡æ ~+85 ¡æ; 10%~95%RH without condensation

Shock resistance: 10~500Hz, 2G 10min./1 cycle, duration 60 minutes each axis

Insulation resistance: input-output: 100M Ohms/500VDC

Safety standards, protection grade: comply with UL1012 IP67

EMC standards: EN55022, CLASS 2

Note: 1. all parameters when they are not specified, all at 230VAC input voltage, measured values under the rated load and 25 ° c conditions.

2. the ripple and noise voltage is 20MHz bandwidth oscilloscope with a 12-inch double strand ends with 0.1 μg and 47 μg capacitance measurement.

3. tolerance voltage error, voltage regulation, and the sum of the current regulation.

Package: Neutral white box

Product weight: 1.2 Kg 20 Pcs/box

Other model specifications:

Product shot:

The company is real and consistent picture about this series of packing accessories, inconsistencies can be refunded in full.

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