Container house

Container house

Product description:

I produced the drilling space (distribution room; generating room; gas source room; MCC room; VFD room; material room; concubine; driller room) and drilling camp rooms, camping room with construction work, field work with camping room ., activity room, camping petroleum room, works with multifunction camping camping house room; Car camping room; oilfield camping room; mine camping room; camping room for construction, container house, container activities room, container activities room, container house, Car container house, desert flats, environmental protection and oil with skid-mounted toilet room. Welcome friends to our Qiadan cooperation.

I produced the camping camping house manufacturing execution SY5576-93 drilling crew room Standard, camping room: a human, second Quadruple Room, Sextuple Room, eight earth, conference room, kitchen, toilets, bath, dining room, storage room equipped complete, users at home and abroad to wide acclaim. I plant design and manufacture of camping room, with good structural strength and stiffness of the overall ceiling. waterproof, dustproof performance, good insulation properties. suitable for use in the hills, desert and subtropical Use the following kinds of complex terrain and harsh weather conditions and other regions. On the camping room interiors, I plant strictly enforce the HSE specification design humane, reasonable layout, safe and environmentally friendly materials. The company's products have been sold to PetroChina, Sinopec . and CNOOC's major oil fields are also sold abroad, such as: Sudan, Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Niger, Egypt, Myanmar, Iran, Indonesia, Syria, India, Oman, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Cuba; Australia, Russia and so on.

I produced a camping room is suitable for field work, living accommodation and recreational facilities such as movable house has the following characteristics: First, the interior insulation using steel sandwich panel, light and beautiful, airtight insulation, fire performance good; the second is the main line of the circuit system uses dark line laying, interior line using duct laying, both extending the life of the cable, to improve security, without destroying the beautiful interior; the third is a reasonable position to install air-conditioning host design, increasing the indoor available space. Meanwhile, we also can live well house production to meet well site explosion-proof requirements.

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