DR series Roots Blower

DR series Roots Blower

Product description:

Long Xiangjiang Wind Blower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Orchard Industrial District, Changsha; is a professional production; sales; maintenance; maintenance of various types Roots blower / centrifugal fan Good product reputation;; and supporting the backbone of enterprise products good!
Xiang wind DR two leaf type / DRS clover series Roots Blower Is a high-quality, low noise, a new generation of energy-efficient products. Have been widely used in sewage treatment, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, electricity, flour, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, blasting, vacuum and other fields.

We dare to promise quality! Construction more than 20 years, producing two leaf type, clover Roots blower. Installation from model designed to machine, with independent property rights and wealth of experience, so that 90% of the products safe failure to run a good record of more than four years, greatly reducing the cost of customer business equipment. China has been pursuing to create high-quality fans, let principle in favor of customers, with Changsha in the field of Roots blower strong and good reputation, located in the middle of relying Changsha special geographical location in the center of Changsha direct radiation to thousands of units, more than 300 cities nationwide. To ensure that the fan might suddenly fault inconvenience to customers, the company opened 24-hour mobile phone 13875941218 consulting services, telephone communication at any time, on-site service , so that the distance of the customers ease of use, and enjoy convenient and thoughtful service as the same as at home.

In addition; We will provide all users need to use the blower selection of practical information easy to understand; a telephone; a text message or an E-Email (774014036@qq.com) message can get thank you contact phone number.! : 13,875,941,218 (National)

Long Xiangjiang Wind Blower domestic brand-name companies in the same industry. I plant in the early 1980s, the first to introduce advanced equipment and Japan Akira beads Japanese experts work together to research, manufacture blower has reached the international advanced level. In my company strong quality of products, preferential prices, user-oriented service attitude, honesty of purpose and satisfaction in the new and old customers at ease and satisfaction of users is our aspiration, the ill Service is our regret, hope that the majority customers letter calls more valuable advice I have a professional maintenance staff at any time on-site service, to provide free technical advice to welcome customers to inquire.:

DR series Roots blower is my company to introduce technology products R series blower Romania on the basis of absorbing international advanced technology to optimize the design is made, generally used for transporting and clean air. The model also has a variety of seal-derived structure type for transporting various gaseous medium, to meet different types of industrial uses.
DR series Roots blowers can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, fertilizer, building materials, minerals, ports, textile, food, medicine, environmental protection, farming and urban gas and other industries and sectors.

DR series Roots blower technical parameters:

DR14 Series Flow: 0.85-3.26 m / min boost: 9.8-49KPa.

DR22 Series Flow: 5.9-16.5 m / min boost: 9.8-49KPa

DR36 series flow: 14.2-86 cubic meters / minute boost: 9.8-49KPa

DR60 Series Flow: 81.7-330.9 m / min boost: 9.8-49Kpa

Performance Table Description

Traffic: Performance tables inspiratory flow rate Qs refers to standard state (absolute pressure 101.325kPa, temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity of 50%), the medium is imported Roots blower air flow, the flow section for non-standard state for conversion .
Traffic conversion: When the intake air flow with reference condition (temperature 0 ℃, absolute pressure 101.325kPa) under flow Qn is represented; the need to press the standard formula in terms of inspiratory flow rate Qs after state; and then check the performance table (usually does not consider humidity).
Qs = 1.0733Qn
When the intake air temperature is 20 ℃ ts with a larger difference; or inhaled gas molecular weight M deviate significantly from the air when the molecular weight of 29; actual intake air flow rate Qs is calculated as follows:
Qb = (Qth-Qsa) * [(273 + ts) / (273 + 20) * 29 / M]1/2
Qs = Qth-Qb
Where: Qb- suction gas temperature ts ℃, molecular weight of internal leakage when M m 3 / Min;
Qth- theoretical flow m 3 / Min; (based on import flow requirement under boost, according to the performance table after preliminary selection by the performance table Richard).
Actual m Qsa- standard suction state 3 / Min flow rate. (As shown in the performance table after the initial selection of traffic)
Pressure unit conversion: 9.8kPa = 0.1kgf / cm 2 = 1000mmH 2 O = 73.5mmHg = 98mbar = 0.0967atm
Performance parameters listed in the air as the medium, such as the transmission media or other intake state does not match the standard intake air state, the need for appropriate conversion flow.

Structural features

Forced gas, flow with small changes in pressure, and the transmission of gas from oil pollution.
1. Adopt cycloid type and the latest aerodynamic theory leaf design, energy efficient.
2. The rotor balancing high precision, machine vibration.
3. Parts good material, high precision gears, high machine reliability, long service life.
4. Using special muffler design, low noise.
5. Simple structure, beautiful selection, small size, light weight, easy operation and maintenance.
6. Variety specifications, performance points intensive, easy to choose the right model, is conducive to energy saving.

Ordering Information

Because the sample is determined based on the performance table parameter state intake and exhaust state, pump selection, please indicate the transmission medium, intake state inlet flow, exhaust gas pressure and environmental conditions.
Special requirements such as protective explosion, mounting arrangement, seal, regulate, control, etc. Please specify before ordering.

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