Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe

Product description:

Seamless steel pipe specifications Quantity material quality Place of origin Seamless steel pipe specifications Quantity material quality Place of origin
25*2.5-3-3.5-4-63020#45# Factory80*5-6-8-10-12-145020#45# Factory
32*3-3.5-4-5-62020#45# Factory83*5-6-8-10-126020#45# Factory
34*3-4-6-7-82520#45# Factory83*14-16-18-206020#45# Factory
36*3-4-6-7-83020#45# Factory89*4.5-6-8-10-126020#45# Factory
38*3-3.5-4-6-82520#45# Factory89*14-16-18-206020#45# Factory
40*3.5-4-6-83020#45# Factory95*5-6-8-106020#45# Factory
42*3-3.5-4-6-83020#45# Factory95*14-16-18-206020#45# Factory
45*3-4-6-8-103020#45# Factory102*4.5-6-8-10-128020#45# Factory
48*3.5-5-6-8-102520#45# Factory02*14-16-18-208020#45# Factory
51*3-3.5-4-6-8-103020#45# Factory108*4.5-6-7-8-128020#45# Factory
54*4-6-8-10-123020#45# Factory108*14-15-16-18-208020#45# Factory
57*3.5-4-5-6-8-103020#45# Factory114*4.5-5-6-8-106020#45# Factory
60*3-4-6-8-10-122520#45# Factory114*12-14-16-18-206020#45# Factory
63.5*3.5-6-8-10-123020#45# Factory121*6-8-10-126020#45# Factory
68*4-6-8-10-123020#45# Factory121*14-16-18-206520#45# Factory
70*4.5-6-8-10-123020#45# Factory127*5-6-8-10-126520#45# Factory
73*4-6-8-10-125020#45# Factory127*14-15-16-18-208020#45# Factory
76*4.5-6-8-10-146020#45# Factory133*5-6-8-10-12-1810020#45# Factory
regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground
6*1 Tianjin Baosteel18*5 Tianjin Baosteel32*7-8 Tianjin Baosteel48*9-10 Tianjin Baosteel
6*2 Tianjin Baosteel20*1-1.5 Tianjin Baosteel32*9-10 Tianjin Baosteel48*12-14 Tianjin Baosteel
7*1 Tianjin Baosteel20*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel34*2-3 Tianjin Baosteel51*3-3.5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
7*2 Tianjin Baosteel20*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel34*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel51*4-6 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
8*1 Tianjin Baosteel20*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel34*6-7 Tianjin Baosteel51*8-10 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
8*2 Tianjin Baosteel22*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel34*8-9 Tianjin Baosteel51*12-14 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
8*2-5 Tianjin Baosteel22*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel38*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel51*16 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
9*1 Tianjin Baosteel22*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel38*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel60*3-5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
9*2 Tianjin Baosteel22*6-7 Tianjin Baosteel38*4-4.5 Tianjin Baosteel60*4-5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
10*1 Tianjin Baosteel22*8 Tianjin Baosteel38*5-6 Tianjin Baosteel60*6-7 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
10*2 Tianjin Baosteel25*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel38*7-8 Tianjin Baosteel60*8-10 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
10*2-5 Tianjin Baosteel25*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel38*9-10 Tianjin Baosteel60*12-14 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
10*3 Tianjin Baosteel25*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel38*12 Tianjin Baosteel60*3-3.5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
12*1 Tianjin Baosteel25*6-7 Tianjin Baosteel42*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*3-3.5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
12*1.5 Tianjin Baosteel25*8-10 Tianjin Baosteel42*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*4-5 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
12*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel27*2.5*-3 Tianjin Baosteel42*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*6-7 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
12*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel27*4-5 Tianjin Baosteel42*6-7 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*3-9 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
14*1 Tianjin Baosteel27*6-7 Tianjin Baosteel42*8-9 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*10-12 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
14*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel27*8-10 Tianjin Baosteel42*10-12 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*14-16 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
14*3-4 Tianjin Baosteel28*8-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel45*2.5-3 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*18 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
14*5 Tianjin Baosteel28*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel45*3.5-4 Tianjin Baosteel63.5*20 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
16*1-1.5 Tianjin Baosteel28*4-4.5 Tianjin Baosteel45*5-6 Tianjin Baosteel68*3-4 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
16*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel28*5-6 Tianjin Baosteel45*7-8 Tianjin Baosteel68*5-6 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
16*3-4 Tianjin Baosteel28*7-8 Tianjin Baosteel45*9-10 Tianjin Baosteel68*7-8 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
16*5 Tianjin Baosteel28*9-10 Tianjin Baosteel45*12-14 Tianjin Baosteel68*9-10 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
18*1-1.5 Tianjin Baosteel32*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel48*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel68*12-14 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
18*2-2.5 Tianjin Baosteel32*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel48*4-4.5 Tianjin Baosteel68*14-16 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
18*3-3.5 Tianjin Baosteel32*4-4.5 Tianjin Baosteel48*5-6 Tianjin Baosteel68*18-20 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye
18*4-4.5 Tianjin Baosteel32*5-6 Tianjin Baosteel48*7-8 Tianjin Baosteel68*22 Baoshan Iron and Steel Daye

regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground
70*4-5 Hengyang Daye83*4-5 Hengyang Daye102*25-26 Hengyang Daye127*30-32 Hengyang Daye
70*6-7 Hengyang Daye83*6-7 Hengyang Daye102*28-30 Hengyang Daye127*34-35 Hengyang Daye
70*8-9 Hengyang Daye83*8-10 Hengyang Daye102*32 Hengyang Daye133*4-4.5 Hengyang Daye
70*10-12 Hengyang Daye83*12-14 Hengyang Daye108*4-4.5 Hengyang Daye133*5-6 Hengyang Daye
70*14-16 Hengyang Daye83*16-18 Hengyang Daye108*5-6 Hengyang Daye133*8-10 Hengyang Daye
70*18-20 Hengyang Daye83*20-22 Hengyang Daye108*8-10 Hengyang Daye133*12-14 Hengyang Daye
70*22 Hengyang Daye83*24 Hengyang Daye108*12-14 Hengyang Daye133*16-18 Hengyang Daye
73*4-5 Hengyang Daye89*-4.5 Hengyang Daye108*16-18 Hengyang Daye133*20-22 Hengyang Daye
73*6-7 Hengyang Daye89*5-6 Hengyang Daye108*20-22 Hengyang Daye133*24-26 Hengyang Daye
73*8-9 Hengyang Daye89*8-10 Hengyang Daye108*24-25 Hengyang Daye133*28-30 Hengyang Daye
73*10-12 Hengyang Daye89*12-14 Hengyang Daye108*26-28 Hengyang Daye133*32-34 Hengyang Daye
73*12-14 Hengyang Daye89*16-18 Hengyang Daye108*30-32 Hengyang Daye133*35-36 Hengyang Daye
73*16-18 Hengyang Daye89*20-22 Hengyang Daye108*35 Hengyang Daye140*4-4.5 Hengyang Daye
73*20 Hengyang Daye89*24-25 Hengyang Daye121*4-5 Hengyang Daye140*5-6 Hengyang Daye
76*4-5 Hengyang Daye89*26 Hengyang Daye121*6-8 Hengyang Daye140*8-10 Hengyang Daye
76*6-7 Hengyang Daye95*5-6 Hengyang Daye121*10-12 Hengyang Daye140*12-14 Hengyang Daye
76*8-9 Hengyang Daye95*7-8 Hengyang Daye121*14-16 Hengyang Daye140*16-18 Hengyang Daye
76*10-12 Hengyang Daye95*10-12 Hengyang Daye121*18-20 Hengyang Daye140*20-22 Hengyang Daye
76*12-14 Hengyang Daye95*14-16 Hengyang Daye121*22-24 Hengyang Daye140*24-26 Hengyang Daye
76*16-18 Hengyang Daye95*18-20 Hengyang Daye121*26-28 Hengyang Daye140*28-30 Hengyang Daye
76*20-22 Hengyang Daye95*22-24 Hengyang Daye121*30-32 Hengyang Daye140*32-34 Hengyang Daye
80*4-5 Hengyang Daye95*25-26 Hengyang Daye121*34-35 Hengyang Daye140*35-36 Hengyang Daye
80*5-6 Hengyang Daye102*4-4.5 Hengyang Daye127*4-5 Hengyang Daye140*38-40 Hengyang Daye
80*6-7 Hengyang Daye102*5-6 Hengyang Daye127*6-8 Hengyang Daye140*42-45 Hengyang Daye
80*8-9 Hengyang Daye102*7-8 Hengyang Daye127*10-12 Hengyang Daye140*46 Hengyang Daye
80*10-12 Hengyang Daye102*10-12 Hengyang Daye127*14-16 Hengyang Daye146*4-5 Hengyang Daye
80*14-16 Hengyang Daye102*14-16 Hengyang Daye127*18-20 Hengyang Daye146*6-8 Hengyang Daye
80*18-20 Hengyang Daye102*18-20 Hengyang Daye127*22-24 Hengyang Daye146*10-12 Tianjin Daye
80*22 Hengyang Daye102*22-24 Hengyang Daye127*26-28 Hengyang Daye146*14-16 Tianjin Daye

regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground
146*18-20 Tianjin Daye159*26-28 Tianjin Daye180*30-32 Tianjin Daye203*38-40 Tianjin Daye
146*22-24 Tianjin Daye159*30-32 Tianjin Daye180*34-35 Tianjin Daye203*42-44 Tianjin Daye
146*25-26 Tianjin Daye159*34-35 Tianjin Daye180*36-38 Tianjin Daye203*45-46 Tianjin Daye
146*28-30 Tianjin Daye159*36-38 Tianjin Daye180*40-42 Tianjin Daye203*48-50 Tianjin Daye
146*32-34 Tianjin Daye159*40-42 Tianjin Daye180*44-45 Tianjin Daye203*55 Tianjin Daye
146*35-36 Tianjin Daye159*44-45 Tianjin Daye180*46-48 Tianjin Daye219*6-7 Tianjin Daye
146*38-40 Tianjin Daye159*46 Tianjin Daye180*50-52 Tianjin Daye219*8-9 Tianjin Daye
146*42-44 Tianjin Daye168*4-4.5 Tianjin Daye194*6-7 Tianjin Daye219*10-12 Tianjin Daye
146*45-46 Tianjin Daye168*5-6 Tianjin Daye194*8-10 Tianjin Daye219*14-16 Tianjin Daye
152*4-4.5 Tianjin Daye168*7-8 Tianjin Daye194*12-14 Tianjin Daye219*18-20 Tianjin Daye
152*5-6 Tianjin Daye168*10-12 Tianjin Daye194*16-18 Tianjin Daye219*22-24 Tianjin Daye
152*8-10 Tianjin Daye168*14-16 Tianjin Daye194*20-22 Tianjin Daye219*25-26 Tianjin Daye
152*12-14 Tianjin Daye168*18-20 Tianjin Daye194*24-26 Tianjin Daye219*28-30 Tianjin Daye
152*16-18 Tianjin Daye168*22-24 Tianjin Daye194*28-30 Tianjin Daye219*32-34 Tianjin Daye
152*20-22 Tianjin Daye168*26-28 Tianjin Daye194*32-34 Tianjin Daye219*35-36 Tianjin Daye
152*24-26 Tianjin Daye168*30-32 Tianjin Daye194*36-38 Tianjin Daye219*38-40 Tianjin Daye
152*28-30 Tianjin Daye168*34-35 Tianjin Daye194*40-42 Tianjin Daye219*42-44 Tianjin Daye
152*32-34 Tianjin Daye168*36-38 Tianjin Daye194*44-45 Tianjin Daye219*45-48 Tianjin Daye
152*35-36 Tianjin Daye168*40-42 Tianjin Daye194*46-48 Tianjin Daye219*50-52 Tianjin Daye
152*38-40 Tianjin Daye168*44-45 Tianjin Daye194*50-52 Tianjin Daye219*50 Tianjin Daye
152*42-44 Tianjin Daye168*46-48 Tianjin Daye203*6-7 Tianjin Daye245*7 Tianjin Steel
152*45-46 Tianjin Daye168*50-52 Tianjin Daye203*8-9 Tianjin Daye245*8-9 Tianjin Steel
159*4-4.5 Tianjin Daye180*6-7 Tianjin Daye203*10-12 Tianjin Daye245*10-12 Tianjin Steel
159*5-6 Tianjin Daye180*8-9 Tianjin Daye203*14-16 Tianjin Daye245*14-16 Tianjin Steel
159*8-10 Tianjin Daye180*10-12 Tianjin Daye203*18-20 Tianjin Daye245*18-20 Tianjin Steel
159*12-14 Tianjin Daye180*14-16 Tianjin Daye203*22-24 Tianjin Daye245*22-24 Tianjin Steel
159*16-18 Tianjin Daye180*18-20 Tianjin Daye203*26-28 Tianjin Daye245*25-26 Tianjin Steel
159*20-22 Tianjin Daye180*22-24 Tianjin Daye203*30-32 Tianjin Daye245*28-30 Tianjin Steel
159*24-25 Tianjin Daye180*26-28 Tianjin Daye203*34-36 Tianjin Daye245*32-34 Tianjin Steel

regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground
245*35-36 Tianjin Steel325*18-20 Chengdu355*45-50 Baotou, Chengdu406*9-10 Baotou, Chengdu
245*38-40 Tianjin Steel325*22-24 Chengdu377*9-10 Baotou, Chengdu406*11-12 Baotou, Chengdu
245*45-50 Chengdu325*25-26 Chengdu377*11-12 Baotou, Chengdu406*14-16 Baotou, Chengdu
245*55 Chengdu325*28-30 Chengdu377*14-15 Baotou, Chengdu406*18-20 Baotou, Chengdu
273*7-8 Tianjin Steel325*32-34 Chengdu377*16-18 Baotou, Chengdu406*25-30 Baotou, Chengdu
273*9-10 Tianjin Steel325*35-36 Baotou, Chengdu377*20-22 Baotou, Chengdu406*35-40 Baotou, Chengdu
273*12-14 Tianjin Steel325*38-40 Baotou, Chengdu377*24-25 Baotou, Chengdu406*45-50 Baotou, Chengdu
273*15-16 Tianjin Steel325*42-45 Baotou, Chengdu377*26-28 Baotou, Chengdu406*55-60 Baotou, Chengdu
273*18-20 Tianjin Steel325*48-50 Baotou, Chengdu377*30-32 Baotou, Chengdu426*70-85 Baotou, Chengdu
273*22-24 Tianjin Steel325*55-60 Baotou, Chengdu377*34-35 Baotou, Chengdu426*9-10 Baotou, Chengdu
273*25-26 Tianjin Steel351*8-9 Baotou, Chengdu377*36-38 Baotou, Chengdu426*11-12 Baotou, Chengdu
273*28-30 Tianjin Steel351*10-11 Baotou, Chengdu377*40-42 Baotou, Chengdu426*14-16 Baotou, Chengdu
273*32-35 Chengdu351*12-14 Baotou, Chengdu377*48-50 Baotou, Chengdu426*18-20 Baotou, Chengdu
273*38-40 Chengdu351*16-18 Baotou, Chengdu377*55-60 Baotou, Chengdu426*22-24 Baotou, Chengdu
273*45-48 Chengdu351*20-22 Baotou, Chengdu402*9-10 Baotou, Chengdu426*26-28 Baotou, Chengdu
273*50-55 Chengdu351*24-25 Baotou, Chengdu402*11-12 Baotou, Chengdu426*30-32 Baotou, Chengdu
299*9-10 Baotou, Chengdu351*26-28 Baotou, Chengdu402*14-16 Baotou, Chengdu426*34-35 Baotou, Chengdu
299*12-14 Chengdu351*30-32 Baotou, Chengdu402*18-20 Baotou, Chengdu426*36-38 Baotou, Chengdu
299*16-18 Chengdu351*34-35 Baotou, Chengdu402*22-24 Baotou, Chengdu426*40-42 Baotou, Chengdu
299*20-22 Chengdu351*38-40 Baotou, Chengdu402*25-26 Baotou, Chengdu426*45-48 Baotou, Chengdu
299*24-25 Chengdu351*42-45 Baotou, Chengdu402*28-30 Baotou, Chengdu426*50-55 Baotou, Chengdu
299*26-28 Chengdu351*48-50 Baotou, Chengdu402*32-34 Baotou, Chengdu426*60-65 Baotou, Chengdu
299*30-32 Chengdu351*55-60 Baotou, Chengdu402*35-36 Baotou, Chengdu426*70-80 Chengdu
299*34-35 Chengdu355*8-9 Baotou, Chengdu402*38-40 Baotou, Chengdu426*100 Chengdu
299*40-45 Chengdu355*10-11 Baotou, Chengdu402*42-44 Baotou, Chengdu450*8-9 Chengdu
299*50-55 Chengdu355*12-14 Baotou, Chengdu402*45-48 Baotou, Chengdu450*10-11 Chengdu
325*8-9 Chengdu355*18-20 Baotou, Chengdu402*50-55 Baotou, Chengdu450*12-14 Chengdu
325*10-12 Chengdu355*25-30 Baotou, Chengdu402*58-60 Baotou, Chengdu450*16-18 Chengdu
325*14-16 Chengdu355*35-40 Baotou, Chengdu402*65 Baotou, Chengdu450*20-22 Chengdu

regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground regulation grid Yield Ground
450*24-25 Chengdu480*80 Chengdu530*42-45 Chengdu630*50-55 Chengdu
450*26-28 Chengdu500*9-10 Chengdu530*48-50 Chengdu630*60-70 Chengdu
450*30-32 Chengdu500*11-12 Chengdu530*55-60 Chengdu630*80-90 Chengdu
450*34-35 Chengdu500*14-16 Chengdu530*65-70 Chengdu630*100 Chengdu
450*36-38 Chengdu500*18-20 Chengdu530*80-85 Chengdu630*110 Chengdu
450*40-42 Chengdu500*22-24 Chengdu530*90-100 Chengdu720*9-10 Chengdu
450*44-45 Chengdu500*26-28 Chengdu530*120 Chengdu720*11-12 Chengdu
450*46-48 Chengdu500*30-32 Chengdu560*9-10 Chengdu720*13-14 Chengdu
450*50-52 Chengdu500*34-36 Chengdu560*11-12 Chengdu720*15-16 Chengdu
480*9-10 Chengdu500*38-40 Chengdu560*18-20 Chengdu720*18-20 Chengdu
480*11-12 Chengdu500*45-48 Chengdu560*25-30 Chengdu720*22-24 Chengdu
480*14-16 Chengdu500*50-55 Chengdu560*35-40 Chengdu720*26-28 Chengdu
480*18-20 Chengdu500*60-65 Chengdu560*45-50 Chengdu720*30-32 Chengdu
480*22-24 Chengdu500*70 Chengdu560*60-70 Chengdu720*34-36 Chengdu
480*25-26 Chengdu530*9-10 Chengdu630*11-12 Chengdu720*38-40 Chengdu
480*28-30 Chengdu530*11-12 Chengdu630*14-16 Chengdu720*45-50 Chengdu
480*32-34 Chengdu530*14-16 Chengdu630*18-20 Chengdu720*55-60 Chengdu
480*35-36 Chengdu530*18-20 Chengdu630*22-25 Chengdu720*80-135 Chengdu
480*38-40 Chengdu530*22-24 Chengdu630*26-28 Chengdu960*10-12 Chengdu
480*42-45 Chengdu530*26-28 Chengdu630*30-32 Chengdu960*14-16 Chengdu
480*46-48 Chengdu530*30-32 Chengdu630*35-38 Chengdu960*20-120 Chengdu
480*50-55 Chengdu530*34-36 Chengdu630*40-42 Chengdu
480*60-70 Chengdu530*38-40 Chengdu630*45-48 Chengdu