Precision seamless Related

Precision seamless Related

Product description:

Precision seamless relevant standard index Source : precision seamless steel pipe plant in Shandong http: // Tags : precision seamless tube; precision seamless; precision seamless steel pipe plant in Shandong 1 ) precision seamless main varieties : DIN series high precision bright precision seamless tube; hydraulic system for precision seamless tube; automobile manufacturing special precision seamless tube

2) the main criteria : DIN2391; DIN2445; EN10305; DIN1629; DIN1630; ASTM A179

3 ) precision seamless tube Main material : ST35 (E235) ST37.4 ST45 (E255) ST52 (E355)

4 ) The main delivery status : NBK (+ N) GBK (+ A) BK (+ C) BKW (+ LC) BKS (+ SR)

5 ) Main features: precision seamless tube outer wall oxide layer; withstand pressure without leakage; precision; high-quality finish; cold deformation; flaring; flattening without cracks

6 ) Precision seamless Main purpose: used in hydraulic system pipes, automobile manufacturing pipes, industry, construction machinery, railway locomotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, injection molding machines, die-casting machines, machine tools, diesel, petrochemical, power plants, boilers and other equipment all walks of life .