45 # precision seamless

45 # precision seamless

Product description:

The factory produced 45 # precision seamless steel connection sleeve for superior quality and low price, timely delivery specifications are: 16 # steel connection sleeve outer diameter 24mm inner diameter 14.5mm 18 # steel connection sleeve outer diameter of 27mm an inner diameter of 16.5mm 20 # steel connection sleeve outer diameter 29mm inner diameter 18.5mm 22 # connection sleeve outer diameter 32mm inner diameter 20.5mm 25 # steel connection sleeve outer diameter 37mm inner diameter 23.5 28 # steel connection sleeve outer diameter 41mm inner diameter 26.5mm 32 # Reinforced connection sleeve outer diameter 47mm inner diameter of 30.5mm, the above specifications can not be customized according to customer requirements, factory 45 # precision seamless steel pipe products and high precision tolerances controllable + -0.05mm, the product is 45 # precision seamless, factory state : annealing product quality supervision and inspection reports issued.

45 # precision seamless

1, 45 # precision seamless temper

45 # precision seamless steel pipe is carbon steel, hot and cold processing performance are good, good mechanical properties, and low prices, wide source, so widely used. Its biggest weakness is the low hardenability, and require a relatively large cross-sectional dimensions high workpiece should not be used.

45 # precision seamless steel quenching temperature in A3 + (30 ~ 50) ℃, in practice, the upper limit is generally taken. High quenching temperature so that the workpiece can be heated faster, reduce surface oxidation, and can improve work efficiency. As the workpiece austenite homogenization, we need sufficient holding time. If the actual installed furnace capacity, would be appropriate to extend the holding time. Otherwise, there may be insufficient hardness due to uneven heating caused by the phenomenon, but the incubation time is too long will also appear coarse grains, oxidation and decarbonization of serious ills affecting quenching quality. We believe that as installed furnace is greater than a predetermined process documents, heating holding time for an extended 1/5.

Because 45 # precision seamless steel hardenability is low, so the cooling rate should be 10% saline solution large workpiece into the water, should hardenability, but not cold through, if the workpiece thoroughly in cold salt water, it is possible to make the workpiece cracking, this is because when the workpiece is cooled to about 180 ℃, the austenite into martensite caused by rapid organizational stress caused by excessive. Therefore, when the fast-cooling to the hardening of the workpiece temperature region, it should take slow cooling methods. Because the water temperature is difficult to grasp, must depend on experience operating, shake the water when the workpiece stop, the water can be air-cooled (if oil cooling better.) In addition, the work should move into the water should not be static, should be in accordance with the geometry of the workpiece, as Rule movement stationary cooling medium plus stationary workpiece, resulting in uneven hardness, stress leaving uneven workpiece deformation, even cracking.

No. 45 Steel Tube hardness after quenching quality pieces should reach HRC56 ~ 59, the possibility of some large low-profile, but not less than HRC48, otherwise, it shows the workpiece is not fully hardened tissue may occur even ferrite sorbite body tissue, such organizations by tempering, still retained in the matrix, less than quenching purposes.

45 steel tempering after quenching, the heating temperature is usually 560 ~ 600 ℃, hardness is HRC22 ~ 34. Because the goal is to get quenched mechanical properties, so the hardness range is wide, but the drawings hardness requirements necessary adjustments by drawing tempering temperature, in order to ensure the hardness as some shaft parts requiring high strength and hardness is high; while some gear, shaft with keyway, because after quenching but also for milling, insert processing , hardness will be lower. About tempering holding time, depending on the hardness and size of the workpiece, in our view, it depends on the hardness after tempering tempering temperature, tempering little to do with time, but it must go back through, general workpiece Tempering time total more than one hour. Precision seamless steel pipe plant in Shandong